Exploding Fireworks

20 Oct

So today started out like a box of fireworks that shat itself and exploded sideways. It has gotten comparably better but let me tell you anyway…

The M Firecracker

She has been watching a lot of Tik Tok on youtube. If you don’t know what Tik Tok is you should google it, but basically, it is an app that lets you choose music and make a short video to it. There are all sorts of filters and stickers and shite. M wanted to make her own clip so I downloaded it onto my phone. I didn’t really think it through.

When S started playing fortnight he would connect with his friends at certain times and they would play together. When I realised that he could potentially play with a fat white guy eating pizza in his mother’s basement in Texas pretending to be an eleven year old boy named Taro I sat him down and we had the ‘internet safety’ talk. I also had a talk with the other two about how important it is not to give out too much personal information, or really any for that matter, online. I may have even gone a bit far and added some stuff about child trafficking and international pedophile rings or something.

Anyhoo, I thought M had a bit more common sense. Perhaps I should say I was ‘hoping’.

I turned off all the comment functions on her Tik Tok uploads, made sure her username was something useless like user7846 and that her profile pic was a hand drawn picture of snoopy. I uploaded her first one on facebook and immediately a friend said that the app was one to be careful of because it had been used for child grooming – ya know, “hey, your vids are super cute. Can you maybe wear something off the shoulder in your next one” – I actually have no idea how the scenario would take place.

I thought as long as all anybody had was a video clip it would be OK. What could happen if they didn’t know her name or where she lived.

Well Faark.

This morning I was looking at my phone and found that she uploaded 9 new clips last night. I called her in and said something along the lines of “dude, at least practice before you upload one. Your lip synch is totally out and you can see your messy ass room behind you – clean it up man”, or something. Then I came across a clip in which the music PROMPTS you to hold up a card with your NAME, then your AGE, then WHERE YOU LIVE. M is a fuckin muppet, so she obliged. It had over 200 views when I saw it. Fair enough, 196 of these might have been her checking out herself but I can’t say for sure. One could have been from Texas.

PS. I have nothing against Texas. I don’t know why it comes to mind in my made-up scenario. Maybe something I saw on CSI or Criminal Minds or something. My apologies if you are actually reading this in Texas, while eating pizza in your mother’s basement. You probably need more vitamin D. Go outside and get some sunshine.

SO, I delete the Tik Tok account and erase the app off my phone. She is pre-teen hormonal raging rabid upset. I haven’t really got time to sit down and meditate (read as slug back coffee because 7am is really just too early for wine, even for me), before the next firework goes off…

The Hub Firecracker

On Saturdays R has soccer from 9-11. Every second Saturday I teach English from 9-12 in the next town over. Today hub happened to have a PTA presentation he had to give, leaving the house at 7am. SO, I tried to organize a ride home from soccer for R but my only option’s son had a sore foot and wasn’t going today – was going to rest up before tomorrow’s competition. I ‘could’ have asked any of the other mums but bringing R home is so far out of their way.

Hub said he would ask the coach to bring him home. I thought this was totally a fine idea as about a month back the coach rang me up, completely out of the blue and said “my son is playing with R at so and sos house. Can you please drive him home when you pick R up.” It wasn’t even a question actually. It was more of a ‘hey, do this for me minion’.

So I did. Cause hey, telling him to fuck off and at least ask me nicely would have taken more time.

So hub rang him but he didn’t answer. About ten minutes later the whole M-Tik-Tok-gate shit was going down and I just thought ‘FUCK-IT, R, you will not go to soccer today. I will take you and M to work with me, where you can quietly finish your homework and then do extra homework and perhaps start learning a foreign language while you sit quietly in the principal’s office’ (this didn’t happen obviously)

Hub left for his PTA stuff.

Five minutes later he rang and said ‘The coach just called me and I told him R was SICK so couldn’t go to practice today’. I went a bit rabid hyena and said why the fuck did you say he was sick when he isn’t? They have quite an important game tomorrow. Our goalie has broken his wrist and our best forward has a sore foot. If coach thinks our second best forward, R, is maybe out of the picture because he is SICK, then he’ll need to rearrange hell to get enough boys on the pitch. FORWARD THINKING MAN. I feel like I am forever thinking ‘if this happens then “this” might happen’. Tis fuckin exhausting.

Truth be known, the coach was probably thinking about scratching his balls more than he was thinking about which kids to put on the pitch tomorrow.

Meh, doesn’t make MY life easier though.

So I then emailed the coach and said

“we have no way to take and pick R up from soccer today so he will be absent. He is not sick by any means of the imagination. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication”

The truth.

I then emailed hub and apologised for being a cunty wife and that I hoped his presentation went well.

I fell like this is the essence of wifing.

(OMG, I just googled ‘wifing’ and got the number one definition as “when a guy decides to make a girl, his number one. At this point he will be talking about loving you, buying you stuff”)




I need to ask for more stuff.


About me thinking that this is wifey stuff….. Hub reacted to what was going on without thinking about the periphery shit that would take place, be thought of, occur, happen and come about from his reaction.

Did I say this shit is exhausting already? Totally my own fault as well though. I could stop giving a rat’s ass about all the small shit and life would be a lot less exhausting.


There were more fireworks this morning involving screen time, not enough sleep and the disappearance of some of my imported chocolate for my halloween parties next week, but I’ll stop there.


I will address the last post next time. Shit happened. I was adult-like composed about it all.


Sweet dreams, good health and quiet living.


How ironic is it that I actually use their names on my blog. Damn. Editing that now 🙂

By the way, we live in Iceland and my children are called Scotland, Mermaid and Rollerblade.







Girls are Hard

14 Oct

Next weekend Marina is having her birthday party.

There are only three girls in Marina’s year. She has been friends with one girl the entire time. Well, they’ve had their ups and downs. Last year I went to pick Marina up from after school care one time and she was bawling, saying that they had had a fight. I drove her straight to her friend’s house and asked her mum if her daughter would mind coming downstairs and trying to work it out. She did and the two of them stood there in silence for ages and then they both said sorry to each other, wiped their tears away and laughed about something. I wasn’t permitted to be in close proximity while this was going in so it was like watching a mime from the front seat of the car.

I originally wrote that Marina had a love-hate relationship with the other girl but I guess it isn’t even that. They have never been super close, mainly because the other girl has all but one time refused to come play when invited and has never invited Marina to her house. In five years I think Marina’s friend has only been about twice. I’m not going to force a relationship but with so few girls it would be nice if they at least got along ya know!

When they were 6 and 7 things seemed to be fine. Then in third grade a couple of the girls in the grade above (in particular one girl) started this power struggle and kind of pitted Marina and the other two girls against each other, for fun. She seemed to enjoy watching which ever girl she chose was going to be on their on that day. On the bad days she would invite the other two girls over and they would all skip away holding hands, with the older girl singing out, let’s all leave Marina. I have no doubt that Marina participated in this kind of shit on the days she was invited by thy holy leader.

This was a bad year and I had to eventually pull finger and tell the mean girls mum (who was two years older than Marina) what was going on. Of course she got in a lot of trouble and then went to school the next day and told everybody that Marina told her mum everything and then her mum rang up her mum yaddah yaddah. I have been teaching said girl English since she was five. I know what she gets up to. Her older sister was the same.

Every year we invite Marina’s best friend, the other girl in her class, a couple of younger girls, and a girl from the school in town – who went to the same kindergarten as her. The other girl came one year, possibly three years ago. Since then, every time I have  contacted her mum to ask if she would like to come and play or something she has declined. EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKIN. TIME.

Roll around this year.

Marina told me not to bother contacting the other girl’s mum cause she would just decline anyway. I said that it would be rude not to at least ask.

So I asked if she would like to come this Sunday for bowling and cake.

I just got a response, that said…


Hi. I just asked my daughter (it said her actual name though) if she wants to go on Sunday and she said No, I don’t want to go. The reason is that last year, or the year before, Marina was mean to her. My daughter was made to swap pencils. Somebody moved her shoes and her hand towel has taken for two weeks. It hurt my daughter, and she is afraid that she will have a shit time again with Marina, so thats why she wont go. Sorry.


I’m like WTF???

How the fuck am I meant to reply to this?

I asked Marina about it and she said that she might have been involved in (read as probably WAS involved in) the pencil-gate incident, but she has no idea what the shoes and hand towel is all about. This all happened before the older girls graduated and it would totally have been in their realm of cattyness to hide shit and tell the girl Marina did it.

She then started crying and said that her best friend went to this girls house a few weeks ago, and that while she was there the other girl said ‘right, raise your hand if you hate Marina’, and the other girl and her older sister raised there hand. This was in FRONT of their mum!!

Marina’s friend shouldn’t have told her this but she did, she probably thought she was looking out for Marina by saying the other girl hated her.

Parenting sucks. I only get Marina’s side. The other mum only gets her daughter’s side. What fucks me off is that they seem to be totally OK now – especially since the older girls have graduated. I saw them together during the shrine festival a couple of weekends back and they seem fine. One would think they even enjoyed each others company from the way they were carrying on. Looked like they were having a grand ole time to me.

I haven’t replied yet. I need time to think. I don’t want to send a ‘but Marina said your daughter did a family quiz on who hates Marina the most’…… Maybe I should just say ‘that’s a shame she can’t come to the birthday’….

and just leave it.

What I find most frustrating is the timeline. The stuff she says happened was one or two years ago (her exact words). Her daughter has been afraid something like this might happen again. Do they not think that perhaps the fact that everything has been fine this year is because well, maybe the older girls graduated? And how long do you hold on to someone hiding your shoes or hanky?

And if I write more I might explode and email the mum with something like

‘Stop being a fuckin pussy’

I mean

‘Your children will grow up and not have you there – they need to learn life rules’


And so does Marina, I know.


Fuck it, I’m over it.





Sports Day

23 Sep

Today was the day. The day the kids had to meet at the walking point at SIX FIFTY FIVE. The day I had to get up at six and spend TWO HOURS making our sports day lunch – and that didn’t even include any cute shit. The day hub had to do his much dreaded speech. The day Shou knew his team would lose cause they had in every practice, by a large margin. The day hub and I had to participate in the local area sports day too.

Has been a loooooong day.

Got half the lunch sorted, took the kids to the walking point and then came back and fried some tempura ebi and spring rolls, made some egg roll, salad, sausages, and put everything into containers in a semi-obento way. Fill the holes with broccoli, cucumber and tomato and she’ll be right.

Things kicked off at 8:45. Shou was our number one batter with his head of school aisatsu greeting. Was very good. Nearly shed a tear. Hub was meanwhile shitting bricks cause he really hates public speaking. He can get through the work stuff, and has had to do a lot of it, but the other stuff he loathes. His speech wasn’t till the closing ceremony so he had to spend three hours shitting those there bricks.

Japanese sports days have a variety of events. The only REAL event that is based on true physical ability is the running. Everything else is like ‘lets get the 10 year olds to ride on 2-year old trikes’, and ‘lets push a humungous over-sized ball the size of a baby elephant around the track’. Ryu was involved in one race that had the kids ride aforementioned trikes and then pick a card and do what it said. Ryu’s said “get a parent (preferably your own) and take them to the microphone and declare in front of everyone what you like best about the other person”. It was cute as and at least gave hub a chance to practice with the mic. LOL.

Despite having kids on both teams I really wanted Shou’s team to win his last sports day. I knew it probably wasn’t going to happen because they have point updates and the other team was ahead as per Shou’s prediction after all their practices. Shou’s team hadn’t won the relay during practice. Shou said he was going to spark a fire in his team so they’d try that little bit harder on the day.

And. They. Did.

Was entertainment at its best.

The big kid that everyone would laugh at (and by everyone I don’t mean the kids – they know better, it was the vestlings that would give him grief) got the baton and screamed out ‘yosha’ (I’m gonna do this!!) as he took off at obviously a much faster speed than during the practices – the team went wild. OMG. We can do this. We might actually win this!! There were only two more runners after him, a very fast 5th grade girl and then Shou. The 5th grade girl did a great job but wasn’t quite able to keep up with her 5th grade boy counterpart (the fastest kid in that team) – so they were about 30m ahead on the final 120m lap. Then Shou got the baton (just – he nearly fuckin dropped it and you can hear me low whisper obscenities into my phone as I video it).

The boy FLEW, he fuckin FLEW around that field. The crowd was going wild. He lined up with the other kid about 20m before the finish line, gained some more speed and took that finish tape down like a boss. Double pump fist in the air, he was stoked. The relay is the main event – so there is a separate trophy for it – which he was able to go up and get.

Despite his team losing to Ryu and Marina’s team I’m so glad he had that moment to remember.

Hub’s closing speech was fine – he made some joke about the three days the kids now have off school – and not playing too many video games. The parents laughed and the kids groaned. He obviously then spaced out and forgot what was next! I had heard him practice it many times though so other people probably wouldn’t have noticed. The principle did his speech in tears – saying how the 22 students in the school did as well, and sang as loud, as a school of a 100 kids. I cannot even fathom what a sports day at a school in a big city must be like, with like 500 or 1000 kids.

How do you even find your kid? Get a spot in the tent?

Our school has five hamlets and each hamlet has a tent. It was us and ONE other mother in our tent. No sleeping out to try and get the best spot down here! And, with three kids out of the 22 being your own, and well, they aren’t that hard to spot 🙂

After the school sports day came our local sports day. I was in SIX bloody events. I had to:

  1. throw a ball over a high rope and hub had to catch it in a bamboo basket on the other side. He was useless as monkey nuts. My throwing was spectacular.
  2. use a badminton racket to secure a ball with hub, who also had a racket, as we ran down the field, around a cone, and back to the next person. We rocked this. Came first.
  3. roll a huge tyre down the field by self, around a cone and back. Felt like I should be on the biggest loser or something. Tis really fuckin hard to keep a tyre on course. But I was awesome cause I was up against vestlings and at least I am strong!
  4. carry five volleyball-size balls down the field, leave them, run round a cone and run back. I have done this before – once, many moons ago. I knew that the best way was to have four balls with the fifth ball on top in the middle, like a pyramid. Boobs can be a hinderance, but if you have long enough arms and a solid chin then you’re ok. I was OK. I even got some ‘see, that’s how you do it’ calls from the gallery.
  5. carry bamboo basket on back while hub used the most stupid fuckin chopsticks in the world to pick up five empty cans of coffee. He had to put them in my basket, we then had to hold hands, run round a cone, empty the cans back out into the designated circle, and run lovingly to the end. These events don’t have to be done as couples, but most of them were five men and five women making pairs. Why everyone had to hold hands I don’t know – probably so that the pair would cross the line together and nobody would leave a vestling gasping for breath at the other end while they triumphantly crossed the finish line!
  6. throw a shit load of little balls into a basket that is way too small and up way too high. This is basically a free for all. Everyone is down trying to get balls and then throwing them up all over the show. By some hand of god our team actually came second in this.

So after all this, the family went to the Nepalese Curry place and stuffed our faces with butter chicken and naan. Cannot move.

Well, can JUST move enough to get to the fridge for a well-earned chuhai.


SDGH&QL you lot.




18 Sep

So today is Respect for the Aged Day.

I am respectfully leaving Granny K alone. She had a vestling lunch at the hall across the street yesterday but today she just seems to be pottering around and finishing ironing a pile of hub’s work shirts. I can Iron. I just choose not to and she just thinks I can’t. Same with sewing and pickling mountain root vegetables.

With it being a public holiday and all, the boys are in the other room watching stupid You Tube videos with their friend and Marina was invited to Harmony Land Kitty-chan Hell (official name of amusement park) with her friend so thats where she is.

We are just off the back of a soccer weekend. Shou was away for a two day tournament, apparently behaved accordingly and got his first ever team MVP. My friend sent a photo of him looking very handsome with his medal. Pity I didn’t get to see it but I was with Ryu’s U10 team as they shared tears after their loss and only placing third. They played really well though, and did their best to show the four new kids where to go, who to mark yaddah yaddah. Made me remember when Shou first started and I had to bribe him with 100 yen just to touch the ball. He’d just like phase out and stand their watching airplanes and shit. Definitely a lot more hope in these new kids who all just got straight in there, even if sometimes it wasn’t in the right direction!

The kids have a very full on week practicing for the school sports day this Sunday. Full practices every day  – today only in 26 degree heat but last week was HOT. They will get no school work done at all. Well minimal anyway. The elementary school I go to on Tuesdays and Thursdays told me not to come in this week or next week due to sports day practices. The mind boggles that the curriculum allows for weeks of perfecting chants, dances and relays over Japanese and math. The sports day definitely does teach them non-classroom skills but it really is over the top and because they practiced everything there is very little surprise on the actual day. Shou is head of his team, obviously, he’s also head of the student committee, ditto, obviously and therefore has to say an opening speech, lead his team’s cheering efforts and cheer dance. I haven’t seen him do a speech for a while so it will be good to see how much he has improved over the last months of being the top of the school.

Following the school sports day in the morning we have our very own local sports day. The increasing vestling population means a decreasing number of people ready and able to go in races. There are five kind of hamlets or valleys that make up our local area. Our electrician is obviously in charge of getting people from our hamlet to ‘volunteer’ for races. When I say volunteer I mean, he actually turned up at our house and begged me to go in the ball race – whereby you have to bend down and scoop up five balls about the size of soccer balls and then run round a mark and back. Tis difficult, especially as large boobs can be a hinderance. I said I has happy to volunteer for anything other than the 100m and the relay.

Turns out I’m in five races, four of which I have no idea what they are and the name of the race doesn’t help. ‘Traffic Safety Race’ and ‘Clean up’. Any ideas?

Hopefully there will be no photographic evidence of any of it.

Nothing else to report,



Bloody Plug

8 Sep

Bloody Plug – jeeeze, sounds like I’m about to maybe go into labor. I can assure you I am not. Different bloody plug, and by bloody I mean damn or fuckin or similar.

We have this awesome Japanese Bathtub that fills itself up. Well, you have to push a button but then you just put the lid on and leave it until it announces that “The bath is ready. The bath is ready.” I must admit that I myself have showers a lot more than baths, but the daily bath is part of hub and Granny K’s well, everyday.

There have been a couple of times recently when the bath will fill up and then when hub opens the lid to get in the water level has dropped down to the electric filter hole thing near the bottom. The hole that fills the bath up to start with. It happened twice the other night. He was not impressed and ended up having to have a lukewarm shower.

So, after some serious googling and being convinced there was something wrong with the electric filter thing he called the guys that installed it, which happens to be solar panel man’s company. OMG, I haven’t typed that for years I don’t think. Did it used to be ‘hot solar panel man’ or did I leave out the fact that he’s quite easy on the eye? Hmmmm. I probably left it out because he is married to one of my good friends! He is now the boss of his father’s company – due to a huge scandal involving the father that I’m not going to divulge.



Scandalous love child and being banished from the town aside..


Two guys from the company were set to come yesterday, at some time. At half seven in the morning, after the kids went to school, I had a horrifying thought that they might rock up early. So I flashed round the house making sure shite was away. I didn’t get out the polishing oil or anything but I didn’t want a pair of my Bridget Jones undies hanging over the side of the washing basket or anything.

They arrived at eight. Efficiency at its finest Japan. Hub was still here so he explained it all to them, including his ‘I googled shit and this is what the problem is’ theory. The two men went about taking apart the filter box for the eco-cute water cylinder, filling the bath up and pressing a whole lot of buttons. This took an hour and a half and a phone call to the manufacturers. I don’t think they googled anything, which was obviously their downfall and resulting inability in finding any ounce of truth to hub’s beer-induced google theory.

The filter box, cylinder and water-filling outlet in the bath were fine.

The problem was our plug.

We OBVIOUSLY weren’t putting the pug in properly.


I find this a tad insulting. We’ve had this system installed in our bath for about 8 years. I think during that time the family has gotten the hang of how to put the plug in. To be brutally honest, I’d actually go so far as to say I was already pretty handy at putting plugs in. Also, if it was the plug, why doesn’t all the water drain out? Why does it always stop at the bottom of the filling hole thing?

The older of the two men (probably about 60 and quite possibly one of the actual men who installed the system in the first place) was keen to find the problem and kept suggesting different things, but the younger guy wasn’t having a bar of it and kept giving condescending responses such as “Really? You really think it could be that?” and “haha, I’ve never heard of that happening before” and shit. I reckon there probably isn’t much love lost between those two (I wrote ‘blood lost between those two’ at first but thought it sounded strange so googled it and got “How your body replaces blood – NHS Blood Donation” 🙂 )

Anyway, after one and half hours and zero offers of tea or coffee they left and I had instructions to keep the bath full until the evening and check the water level to see if it had gone below the piece of masking tape. It didn’t.

Hub was not impressed his little theory didn’t pan out and I’m kind of embarrassed that we might have wasted an hour and a half of their time for a plug.

But there you go. We are now diligently putting the plug in with much force.


So that was yesterday. Today is a quiet rainy day. Hope any of you in the path of the last typhoon or in Hokkaido are getting back some resemblance of normality to your lives. What a shithole of a week mother nature has thrown at Japan.




6 Sep

How be thee? (I want an answer in the comments)

Has been a while, so I thought I’d just put a quick update to get some feel on who, if anyone, even still reads or gets updates. I know for me at least, I get updates on blogs I like sent to my secondary email account. Although, to be honest, I haven’t read a blog in bloody ages.

I had to re-read the last post to see where we were up to. Don’t worry, tis only SIX months of shit you don’t know about. I guess it has been a busy time so perhaps I’ll just add stories, possibly not in chronological order cause god help me, my brain might not be able to manage that – for no other reason than I’m too busy, drink too much wine, and forget too much shit.


Shou started the sixth grade on his own. We were really perplexed at the choice of teacher he got. We were certain it would either be a new teacher or the 6th or 5th grade teacher from last year. Turns out they gave him the teacher who has taught 1st grade for like forever. She is the most non-genki (non-lively) teacher you can imagine. I am sure her knowledge is up to scratch but her teaching lacks luster to the max. It’s not that she isn’t suited to teaching 6th grade, nah, she isn’t suited to teaching AT ALL. I feel sorry for the first graders who have had her. They would have thought that school was a shithole for young depression – that’s how boring she is.

I guess the school thought it was a better choice to make just ONE student’s year a bit shit, as opposed to three or four students. Seriously, they should close our school already. That said, yes, Shou gets one on one teaching for Japanese, Math, Science and History. The rest is shared classes with Marina’s class. He would learn so much more with an engaging teaching though 😦

Shou was not in a good way for the start of school. He is head of the school council. Well, dah, obviously. He has a lot of responsibilities – he has to stand up and do a lot of greetings and speeches – on top of that, he has a boring as grass teacher and no friends to muck around with in class. He can’t be a kid. He can’t play pranks on another friend, fight, argue, talk about girls, nada nada nada.

Every morning he would drag his feet and say ‘I hate school, I don’t want to go, I want to go back to New Zealand’ – it was so heartbreaking that I actually thought about the logistics of doing it for a while.

BUT, I also knew that he would learn some valuable lessons being the only sixth grader. The added responsibility would be a good thing. He gets along with the younger kids and with a number of the 6th graders in the other two schools. He went on a sixth grader school trip with them. Usually the schools make their own groups but I asked the principal if Shou could be in the group with the other small school – because ya know, being in a group with your homeroom teacher and the principal would be shithouse.

Our town has three primary schools. The main school has about 90 kids. We have 22 kids and the other has about 35. There are two boys in the 6th grade in the other school and 14 in the main school, including HTB.

Shou had a GREAT time being in the group with the other smaller school. He was with two boys in his soccer team – and he said the girls were really nice(it was two boys and four girls from the other smaller school). SOOO glad he got to interact with them before Junior High next year because there are only two girls in the main school (14 boys and 2 girls). It all gets a bit complicated.

And by complicated I mean – the kids I taught last year as 6th graders, who are now first grade at Junior High…. well, they’ve all just started spurting out shit about boyfriends, and girlfriends, who likes who and well, the gap is so huge between elementary and Junior High (especially for the girls). Shou has never had a girl in his class, so I am glad he liked and got on well with the girls from the other school during the school trip.

We’ll see.

Turns out HTB might not even be going to the Junior High School in our town!!

I know right!

WTF even go there for a year, under these circumstances, to just fuck off and move. I’m not as rabid about the whole situation as I was – just frustrated and sad for Shou that he had to go through this.

Parenting sucks.




PTA Bollocks, part five thousand

8 Feb

I haven’t posted about PTA bollocks for frickin ages but being part of a school with so few kids and households (21 households in total), being part of the PTA is pretty much a given every bloody year.

Our PTA is made up of three sections (13 positions) – the admin and head section (typically made up of parents of 6th graders), the research and publications section and the extra curricular and sports section. These last two sections are made up of grade reps and residential area reps. So, a parent from each grade puts their hand up and a parent, who hasn’t already put their hand up, puts their hand up for area rep. I am our current area rep. We have 7 kids in our area from 4 households. Next year this will be two and after Marina’s year graduates it will just be Ryu walking to school on his own – or rather with his mum every morning. If our school doesn’t bloody hurry the fuck up and merge!

I have been on the research and publications part of the PTA for FIVE YEARS (yes, so ever since Shou entered Primary school). In total I guess this means about five meetings a year, writing a couple of articles for the school newspaper, and doing a couple of events that involve public speaking – like introducing a person to give a speech on human rights, or wheelchair tennis or whatever.

Tonight we had out last PTA meeting for actual PTA members. Next month we have out last PTA but damn, really it means the same shit we did tonight but with about three other families that didn’t have to be on the PTA and in the middle of the day so everyone that works (nearly everyone) has to take time off.

Following the PTA meeting we had a separate meeting (starting at 8pm) for the current 4th and 5th grade parents. Usually, if you have a larger school, only the 5th grade parents would meet to decide the head PTA duties for the following year. However, due to Japan’s declining birthrate and lack of incentives to go rural and breed, next year will require two year groups to step up to do head and sub head duties.

Next year Shou and HTB are the only 6th graders in our school….



WERE GOING TO BE the only 6th graders in our school…

Turns out that last week HTB’s parents (or rather Father) did the paperwork to transfer him and his sister to the school in town – they have their reasons, none of which relate to Shou and/or the school but which, I personally believe, could be overcome and dealt with quite possibly if the desire for their child to finish his schooling at the same school was stronger than one of immediate convenience. Do you remember years ago when Shou was a first grader and I was thinking of taking the kids back to NZ for a whole year for their English? And HTB’s father came to our house, drunk our beer and told me he would transfer his kids to the other school if we left for a year? I changed our plan and we ended up only missing one term off school here. Should have bloody just gone. I already decided not to take the boys back this year because I thought leaving HTB on his own in 6th grade (probably the most important year) was kind of stink. Also the 6th graders have a lot of responsibilities around school, final sports day, yaddah yaddah.

Anyhoo, the whole topic makes me go rabid.

SO, obviously, as the only 6th grade parent next year Hub is going to be head of PTA – we sorted this out years ago. I did ALL the kindergarten PTA stuff (which I might add, is more full on than primary school and complete whole new level (like possibly finishing all the levels and buying the next two disks compared to PTA in New Zealand kind of level), so hub has said from early on that he would be head of PTA at some stage while the kids were at primary school. At the time he said that a man had to do it anyway – which I strongly attested to and got my panties in a twist about. But now I don’t care. And he has had no PTA duties for the last five years while I have the entire time, so fuck it. (Edited to add that actually hub has taken over MY PTA duties while I have been back in NZ 🙂 )

So a lot of conversation was had this evening, the people that don’t put their hand up, didn’t put their hand up – with excuses like, I was sub-head of PTA two years ago. Fuck YOU. You have four kids at the school. You can’t use a sub-head title as any leverage after one year. Fuck Fuck FUCK!

That’s possibly all I have to say. As the only 6th grade parent next year it was obvious that hub would be PTA head, but fuckin pull your shit together mums, I hate people that sit round a table looking at the stitching on the carpet.


And yes, I have a lot more I want to say about HTB changing schools. At the very least I thought his father, who was on the PTA this year (per his wife’s request because she knew he would be either head or sub head next year and should thus at least know how the PTA meetings went (she has done them up until this year)) should have said something to the whole group – or at the very very least to the group of 5th grade parents (and me) who assembled from 8pm to discuss next year’s PTA positions.

(Edit – saw his mum this morning and she was disappointed that her hub came home last night without at least saying a few words to the PTA. You know, “sorry for reducing school numbers and making a 5th grade parent have to be sub-head of PTA which I should have been doing” kind of thing. The kids have all gone home and told their parents over the last week but nothing was publicly said so I had a number of mums come up to me and ask if it was true. Anyway, HTB’s mum said she will now have to take the day off work for the last PTA next month and go herself and say something to everyone.

Grrrrr, there is so much more I want to write. I am being SOOOOOO restrained right now.


Anyhoo, hope you are all PTA position free and enjoying life!




PS, HTB’s mother is lovely. This is not her choice at all by the sounds of it. The kids also were not in favour of the move originally but seem to now be looking forward to it. Kids are so resilient.