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Catchup on Ballet and Soccer Bollocks

27 Sep

Marina and her 2nd grade friend did dance in front of the vestlings for respect for the vestlings day. The teacher would have had a fit if she’d seen how mutilated the dances were but nevermind, the vestlings loved it and there were cheers of ‘kawaiiiii’ from their 80 year old fans drunk on sake down the back. Good times.

Last weekend the girls had a recital two towns over which was of course preceded by two night rehearsals. The first night the teacher sat all the mothers down and was doing her usual ‘for the sake of the team we must all endure’ lark – which included telling the other mum (who so far had only heard from me that we had been ‘given permission’ to do the dances for the vestlings’) off a bit in front of everyone. Some story about how many moons ago the girls did a dance for an upcoming recital in front of some friends and their friends stole the costume idea which I think was using recycled children’s day flying carp things. So since then it was prohibited and she couldn’t just turn around and say it was OK this time.

Even though she did in the end and the girls did dance and I am pretty sure the 80 year olds of our here little hamlet will not be rushing out to purchase yellow tutus and glitter.

But, I could be wrong.

Anyhoo, ballet as normal for the next few weeks I think. Although on Wednesday Marina said they hardly danced at all because sensei was cross about something and said they didn’t deserve to be taught. Fuckin waste of money that lesson was then. Sensei has also changed the next two Saturday classes to start from half six instead of the middle of the day. Marina will not be going. It’s not recital dress rehearsals so two late nights for my five-year old is out. As a teacher myself I find it to be a load of bollocks to just up and change class times and expect everyone to run hither and bow and say of course your royal fuckin sensei. Jeeze.

On the soccer front – not many games for Shou lately. All seems to be 3rd graders and up. Despite not really wanting to go to practices much we are persevering and he always seems to come home from them in good fettle and with sore shins. I let him miss last night’s practice because it is the school sports day this Sunday (about ten separate posts all on its own) and they have therefore, like kids across the nation, practically abandoned academic study for three weeks and are instead spending at least four lessons a day either outside practicing standing in straight lines or inside learning the team cheer song and memorizing what they (Shou and HT Boy) will say at the end of the sports day – on top of the podium and into the microphone.

Yip, they already know what they will say for ‘my favorite part of sports day was…’ and it hasn’t even happened yet. Suck the fun and spontaneity out of everything why don’t ya.

I would hazard a guess at saying that for a lot of kids, Spetember is a physically tiring month. My 6th grader class cancelled for the entire month because practices went on so long none of them would make it here by 4:30. In the other classes the kids are so tired its a miracle they don’t just all curl up on the mat and sleep.¬† Shou even has practice tomorrow, bloody Saturday. The practices carry over to the kinder too – not so much Ryu (although the little kids still run), but Marina’s class has to stand with the primary school kids for the opening and closing ceremonies. They also run and do an event with us parents – which is supposedly a secret from us until Sunday. But at drop off this morning I did notice sensei down the back coloring in large bags with oversized mushroom characters on them. I have a sneaky suspicion either¬†the kids or the parents will be made to wear these.

Right, time to hang out some washing and vacuum me some floor.