Sports Day

1 Oct

The weather forecast was for rain and so at half five, and on sleep deprived tender hooks, I am waiting by the phone for the call from sensei as to whether the sports day would be going ahead or not. A simple txt to my phone would have been preferrable. At least that way I could have stayed in bed and not feared waking the sproglets up before need be. As it happened hub was up at half-four and out the door at five – for an all Kyushu high school relay competition his office was running and for which he had spent the previous three days securing 700 flags to the side of the road, setting up meeting rooms and helping at coach and athlete meetings.

So, the sports day was on, and as it turned out it was a slightly overcast but then very hot day. Shou was super excited – despite telling me the night before that he wished he was in a different family and that I was not his mother from which forth the saloon doors had propelled him. Hard luck my son. And no, for the record, Santa will not be buying you a BB Gun for Christmas. It’s not just mums that suck. Santa sucks too. And No, I don’t care if you want to use YOUR money in YOUR bank account. Mum needs to sign for it and this will not happen.

But the morning of the sports day all was forgotten and all three kids were excited and amped. Shou had to be there at half seven, so I dropped the other two off then too and faffed round  by the grass-less field asking random PTA members and teachers if I could help with anything, sipping coffee and playing minion rush.

The highlight of the day was the event that Marina’s class did – that involved those big giant mushroom painted bags. Not real mushrooms, cartoon mushrooms like these. The parents had to turn around while the teachers put the bags over the kids heads. You could only see their calves and feet – which were bare. All socks and shoes had been removed and teachers had even gone to the trouble of sticking random plasters on legs and feet to really throw us off. The parents had to them turn around and try and find their child, after which they then had to piggy back them to the finish line.

The kids were obviously grouped according to weight as when we were waiting the back line of mums (me included) all started on about how piggy backing 25kg of pre schooler was going to be heavy.  I guess this made sense as a pair of very skinny legs amongst lesser skinny legs would be easy to pick out. It was surprisingly very difficulty to recall your own child’s calves and loads of parents didn’t first off the bat. It was highly amusing. I’m sure if I was close enough I would have got Marina on the smell of her feet alone but as it happened I picked out her legs straight away and ran to take off the paper bag, tussling with another mum who was convinced the ‘heart nameko’ was her daughter.


Shou was on the white team, the victorious team, and when they announced the winning team you could see him pump the air with a huge grin on his face. Him and HT Boy did their little speal on what they enjoyed the most, with Shou doing the classic bow and hit your head on the microphone. giggle giggle.

We had planned on going home and not returning but it turned out Shou was required for the kids relay for the adults sports day in the afternoon – so we left, scoffed some lunch, and went back to join in round two of sports day festivities, festivities carried out by 30% people under the age of 70 and 70% vestlings. So with such percentages it was soon very apparent that I was going to be utilized to throw balls, knock over beer bottles and lend my massive gaijin muscles to the tug of war – from which I might add, my arms are still recovering. Nothing done by halves I tell ya. All very serious.

By finish time Shou was somewhere around the ground catching bugs with his friend, Marina was doing cartwheels in any space she could find, and Ryu was sooo tired that on the way to the car he ran straight into a parked van. Minus the tears and bumped forehead, it was almost comical. I was SURE he must have seen it and thought he was just pretending to kind of bump into it but no, he powered into it, forehead and big gaijin nose first and almost ricocheted off. Poor tired love.

Needless to say they were all asleep by 7 and I was squiffing chuhai, filling hub up on the days events and checking in on Ryu every so often to make sure he hadn’t suddenly passed out.



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