Burning the Candle

24 Oct

Buning the candle at both ends – I think mum used to use that to somehow imply we were partying too hard but unfortunatley in this case, while there might be wine involved, there are no parties.

This translation is getting the better of me. Coupled with parties of the kid variety every second day and I’m needing a really good massage and some me time. I am sitting here drinking a fuckin Violet Fizz 4% Chuahi that hub brought home – which is a bloody joke cause who buys an overworked mother of three a beverage containing anything less than 9%? And even then, if he only gets one I get all snarky.

I have my last english class halloween party tomorrow. I had one on Tuesday and one yesterday. In yesterday’s class I got the kids (ranging 9-11) to stick their head in a mountain of flour in search of hidden coinage. And it was Hands. Down. the most entertaining thing I have seen in the last month full of academic policy and tertiary bollocksy regulations. Initially only two boys said they would play but the lure of a 500 yen coin and actually being able to keep it had the other kids in there too. I don’t know if this is a globally known party game? but it is definitely something we did on occassion at parties as children in New Zealand.  And now I can see why the adults did it. Worth every bloody penny.

Only I did forget to tell them to keep their mouthes shut until they thought they had a coin and therefore I had 6 kids dry wretching mouthfulls of flour in the kale patch next door. Nonetheless they all went home very happy and so far social services haven’t come a knocking. Was a complete bitch to clean up though.

In other news I joined an online diet bet thing where you bet like $25 dollars and pledge to lose 4% of your weight in 30 days. I had all good intentions but it is fucking near really really hard to do if I have to sit at the computer for every minute my brain is functioning – so that was $25 dollars down the gurgler and quite possibly straight onto my thighs.

Marina has a dance recital practice on Saturday, her 6th birthday. She had a party with 6 girls from kinder last weekend. I used a birthday invite template and upon realising that I couldn’t put Japanese into it just thought I’d give them the whole hog kiwi birthday experience and leave it in English. Japan’s not big on birthday parties and it was the first experience for all of the 6 girls. One mum, who drops her child off at kinder every day, who I speak to on many ocassions, and whose daughter I taught English to last year, was worried because she had never left her daughter on her own before ….. which considering all the kinder kids call me sensei and poke my tits, I found quite offensive. Of course I offered her to stay for the duration of the party but she didn’t in the end. Yay, cause it was fuckin chaos and I had to use my sensei voice several times.

The actual dance recital is on Sunday but I am secretly hoping the tail end of typhoon 27 will mean the outdoor stage gets rained out. Hub is away all weekend sitting an emergency and evaucation from earthquakes, tsunamis and the like supervisors exam which his office is making him do. So if it is raining all weekend I plan on renting ten dvds, getting all other electrical gadgets to 100%, buying shitloads of crisps, and locking the kids in the lounge so I can translate more bollocks.

Until I find the time again…





4 Responses to “Burning the Candle”

  1. Oyomesan October 24, 2013 at 11:26 pm #

    Country kids are braver or your powers of persuasion are stronger – I once did an apple bobbing activity in a class in Sapporo and NONE of the kids would go anywhere near the bowl of water and bobbing apples. They stood by in stunned dryness while the Australian teacher and I (Brit) bobbed away…..trying to show how FUN! this strange American activity is……BTW – my recommend diet-it-off quick idea is the only-a-banana-for-breakfast one. i’m one 2 weeks of that now. Start the day on only 100 calories. It helps.

    • gaijinwife October 24, 2013 at 11:45 pm #

      LOL – the whole reason I did the flour one was because I had shit all success with apple bobbing years back. I thought the lure of hard cash might make them keen. Their younger siblings have their halloween party this afternoon and I wasn’t going to ask them if they wanted to do it but they all want to! I imagine 11 seven year olds and two plates of flour will be even more of a bitch to clean up!!

  2. SomedaysSarah October 26, 2013 at 5:55 am #

    Ahahahaha! As a camp counsellor we had a couple of events that the kids thought were “fun” for them, but were actually fun for the counsellors – like the blind-folded jello feeding game where blindfolded kids shoved jello into the mouths of non-blindfolded kids that had been tied to chairs or spaghetti night when the kitchen *lost* the utensils and everybody had to eat with huge tongs or a spatula or one giant chopstick or something equally useless. Us counsellors would sit and watch and piss ourselves laughing.

    Very good stress relief.

    Good luck with your classes and translating tunnel! (I’ve been in a fair few of those myself, but then I don’t have the little kids running about and demanding food and attention and whatnot to add to the stress!)

  3. xanaxjunkee November 4, 2013 at 6:24 pm #

    Though I hate the thought of letting Andy rot his brain by watching Treasure Planet for the 100th time, sometimes I gotta do something to get the kid out of my hair long enough to get things done. I am really enjoying our cleaning day on Sunday’s, his chores take him so long it helps me get my weekly chores done. I hope hubs has the carpets shampooed before I get home from work today though.

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