Dancing Onis?

27 Oct

Recital day – which doesn’t carry nearly as much menace as it does for THE once every two years recital. But still, I don’t get being told to arrive with hair and makeup done an hour and a half before they dance. But then the sensei’s daughter got hold of Marina and my pathetic attempt at trying to ‘recital ready’ her new short do. I couldn’t get it all tied back well so I did a half ponytail and turned it into a small bun on the top of her head. It was a joke but I knew I had to at least arrive looking like I’d tried. Two mums kind of came up to me and said, ummm, so you know Marina’s bun – to which I laughed and said fuckin useless piece of shit of a bun, I was laughing the whole time I did it but hey, what can ya do – the sensei said hair had to be off the face. They looked so relieved. Wahooooo. I knew it was a piece of shit. They therefore had free rein to tell me it was a piece of shit.


People are dying of hunger in the world.

The sensei’s daughter did a professional job on Marina’s hair, everybody breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was so ridiculous that I said to Marina, hey, perhaps if we just give you a baseball cut life would be easier. I’d just need to get you to hold your hands over your eyes while I spray half a can of hairspray and put in a token hair pin, that would have to stick to the hairspray.

She looked generally terrified – almost as terrified as Ryu at the ‘oni’ that were on stage both before and after us. A traditional Japanese scary dude dance called kagura. They were waiting back stage – so to speak. The stage was a concrete thing with a roof and shit but it was ‘outside’ – backstage was a pine cone covered bank with a tent on a slope and a blue sheet on the ground. Marina was also scared of the ‘oni’ – after that very traumatic experience at the welcome party for the cute German homestay boys – when she got lifted above an Oni’s head and spun round about ten times. Tis all good luck of course, but try telling that to a five-year old.

Ahem, six-year-old.

How did that happen? How did my little princess turn bloody six!! She lost her very first tooth on Friday, the day before her birthday, and due to the tooth fairy coinciding with her birthday she went from rags to riches with a 500 yen coin. She was so unbelievably surprised the next morning – that the little fairy could carry something so big. Tonight, on the way home from okonomiyaki (cause mummy was too shattered to cook dinner) I pointed out the ‘first star’ and Shou promptly announced that the newest teeth are the brightest (the tooth fairy collects teeth for stars in our house) and therefore that star MUST be Marina’s. Ryu was straining his neck to look out the window and I ended up stopping the car so we could all admire Marina’s tooth sparkling in the heavens.

The fact that we just about got crushed by a huge truck while we were parked was lost on the kids.

Ah well, family tragedy averted 🙂

We all live to fight another day, dance another dance, cry at another oni, lose another tooth, and drink another chuhai.





2 Responses to “Dancing Onis?”

  1. Kelly Azuma October 31, 2013 at 1:55 pm #

    Hey that is so cool that the tooth fairy collects teeth for stars!

  2. Jenni November 22, 2013 at 12:12 pm #

    Thanks for the link! I loved this entry. Kampai!

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