Bloody Hell

7 Nov

Not related to dance. Last night was just festival practice, during which I sat out in the lobby finishing off the last of chapter nine of my translation. About a page left in chapter ten and then its over baby. Fiscal policy is not my thing. I will be very happy to see the back of this one.

For the past couple of months Shou has had an aversion to going anywhere by himself – to the loo, upstairs to get something, anywhere. He usually ropes minion Ryu into going with him and on occasion I have found them both huddled in the loo with the door locked playing Mario and shitting at the same time – which I think is about the sum total of male multitasking.

His teacher has confirmed that him and HTB run off to the loo together at school as well.

Shou and I have had several talks about this. It started with a scary story at school, involving a quite realistic long-necked Japanese ghost. The teacher did apologise about this and said she hadn’t realised the boys would be so afraid. For Fucks Sake. Japanese ghosts are bad ass scary. So much scarier than a story about bloody Casper or similar.

It then morphed into being afraid of the sink and flushing the loo – after High Tiger Boy told him about a dream he had whereby he got sucked down the drain hole. I told him to try and visualise something else but he said that he got the image every time he looked at High Tiger Boy – which is a lot when you are the only two kids in a class and joined at the hip.

So anyhoo, quite often he will ask me to stand within sight while he goes loo, or at the bottom of the stairs while he runs up to get whatever it is. Hub has told him to man up and stop being silly and Granny K didn’t know about it – until last night.

I was at dance and Ryu and Shou were in Granny K’s room on the iPad. Shou needed to go to the loo. He apparently kept asking Ryu to go with him but Ryu said no as he was obviously in full must-get-more-bananas Minion Rush mode.  Shou didn’t ask Granny K and she didn’t really take notice of his need to go – until he shat his pants in the corner of her room.

He was so scared to go to the loo on his own that he chose to shit has own pants.

I didn’t learn about this until Ryu and Marina had gone to bed. I had a big talk with Shou. He is now scared of a creature with many many legs climbing back up the toilet. He assures me it’s a lot scarier than a mukade. It doesn’t come out of a urinal so going to pee by himself at school is fine. It’s the number twos. So scared is he that even when he’s not alone he will squat on top of the toilet to go. No, it’s not a normal squat Japanese toilet. He squats on top of our western toilet.

I don’t want to make a big thing about it and I do think it will pass with time. My friend had a similar thing happen with her son last year when he was first grade so I need to have a talk to her. I think the first step will have to be going in with him and first making sure he actually sits on the seat.

I also feel slightly guilty as am sure the fact I flush dead spiders and roaches down the loo wasn’t helping!!

Gahhhhhhh, poor Granny K. Nobody has had to clean up poo in this house for a good couple of years!





9 Responses to “Bloody Hell”

  1. M November 7, 2013 at 4:07 am #

    I remember when I was little, I thought a vampire or something would come up out of the toilet and pull me in with it when I flushed the toilet. The way I dealt with it was flushing the toilet and then bolting out of the bathroom as fast as possible. Poor Shou, though, I think has it worse than I had.

    I remember a friend of mine whose kid was frightened by oni (for years!) after one setsubun at kindergarten. She was afraid to go to the bathroom by herself at night and started to have lots of accidents. My friend then told her that oni can’t get you if you’re only trying to go to the bathroom at night, which seemed to help out the situation. Is there a way maybe you can give Shou some “magical” object that will protect him when he has to go? I do remember hearing in Japan if you thing a ghost is around you, you just blow a puff of air from your lips and supposedly the ghosts fly away. Maybe that would help?

  2. Sherry November 7, 2013 at 5:09 am #

    When she was in second grade my DD’s stupid teacher read them
    some scary book that we’ve come to refer to as “The Hell Book” so much I’ve actually forgotten the real title. Anyway, scared her so much that two years later we are still having issues. She thinks anytime I get irritated with her or angry she is going to hell because apparently the teacher read this to them tin an attempt to get them to behave and listen to him. DH wrote a three page note chewing him out, and every single time I see this teacher I bitch at him about it. he literally runs when he sees me. He was only her teacher for one year, but he’s left a lasting mark. I hope you can get this all settled down more successfully than I have. It’s unbelievable the things teachers here think are appropriate.

  3. hamakkomommyMommy November 7, 2013 at 7:22 am #

    Poor Shou! Fwiw, A has been going through something similar for the last six months. I don’t know what started it, but she won’t go to the bathroom alone at all and won’t go around the house alone after dark. She hasn’t actually had any accidents yet, but I think that’s just luck.

  4. Brit November 8, 2013 at 1:56 am #

    Tell Shou what we were told as kids with similar fear by my Grandad ( true in the UK I think not sure abut Japan but probably) toilet plumbing runs on a valve system so stuff goes through one way when you flush but there is no way it can open up and come back up that way due to the valve. Thisis why when toilets don’t flush properly they canoverflow- not because it’s coming up from the depths of the plumbing system, but because the valve did n’t open, it got stuck. Toilets are designed so they only go one way. That’s why houses don’t smell of septic tank.

    • Nikki November 8, 2013 at 8:37 am #

      I would try some logic and some magic talismán and see if with both you get there

  5. loumagoo November 8, 2013 at 10:08 am #

    I really hate how the kids here
    are threatened with ghosts! Poor
    Sho, he must be petrified. I hope you
    find something that works. xx

  6. matchaproblem November 26, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

    I had this problem so badly when I was a kid that my mom eventually had to take me to a child psychologist who specialized in poo problems. I would refuse to go #2 pretty much ever, so I was kinda.. backed up.. and nobody could get me to go.

    This guy sat me in a room with photos of ocean waves on the wall and made me visualize pooing as being like ocean waves rolling in. Then he gave me a Snicker’s bar and shut me in a bathroom. Needless to say, the candy bar only distracted me for so long… 😛

    My mom did a better job than the shrink though, because she acknowledged that the toilet was scary and that I was afraid, and talked through the problem with me: “Have you ever seen a ghost in there? Have you ever heard of someone really being sucked down the toilet? Me neither and I’m 45. That’s old, so I think I would have heard of this if it were true.” I’m sure she was pissed she wasted her money on the poo-doctor, since it was she that made me feel better.

    • gaijinwife November 28, 2013 at 12:44 am #

      we seem to have overcome this problem now! Huuraahh. Sometimes he’ll still ask me to stand nearby but at least he sits on the seat and sometimes even shuts the door if he knows I’m there. Quite surprising really as four nights ago he called me to a hand sized spider trying to crawl out of the toilet bowel. have NEVER seen a spider actually in the toilet before but man. I tried to make light of it by saying waht a silly spider, gone and got himself in the toilet all by himself. Threw in some loo paper and flushed – and then I, MYSELF, proceeded to only use the upstairs toilet for two days :p ya, know. Just in case.

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