11 Nov

I have recently started teaching a Junior High School girl on Sunday nights. I used to teach her but she stopped a few years ago because her mum got busy doing night shift and couldn’t do pick up – and she lives in the next town over so me dropping her off was going a bit over and beyond, even for me. She is my only private student. Everybody else I teach in groups and truth be known, I’m not keen on the word getting round. I only took her on because she is such an easy student, very bright, very motivated, and just a pleasure to teach. Unlike some of the bastard students I have who I feel would get more English from my classes if I gagged them and tied them to a seat so they would just listen.

Anyhoo, Sunday nights are a hard night to teach on because well, it’s the end of the weekend and my mind is still in full crazy shit house kid mode – and not in huurraahhh, kids are back at school and kinder and I can spend my days idly teaching English, translating and faffing around cleaning the curtain rails with cotton buds mode.

Yesterday was no exception – in fact I was in even less of a must-remember-I-have-a-class mode because the town had its annual festival. The rain held off and Ryu and Marina both danced in the morning and then I did Marina’s hair and makeup while Ryu Minion-ed and Shou was hanging out with daddy who was officially working back stage. Granny K was hanging out with vestling friends, critiquing the other pottery displays, and buying mochi rice cakes.

Marina danced in the afternoon, after which we stopped by daddy’s chicken skewer stand (work in the morning and local event group slash get on the piss group selling chicken yakitori in the afternoon), where I got slightly felt up by the builder from down the road – the one who lent hub and I his Russian porn collection after we got married because um, well, I dunno – maybe he thought hub needed some lessons in fisting. Jeeze. He patted my bum – to which I said hey, you can’t go round touching my bum, bugger off you pissed pervert – in Japanese. To which one of the other pissed guys said that because I wasn’t giving it out enough at home they felt like someone needed to get a feel in – seeing as hub wasn’t.

LOL. Man I just LOVE living in the inaka with pissed builders and yakitori stands and too much shochu. (dripping sarcasm in case you missed it and thought I condone this kind of behaviour)

I took the kids home and loaded them up with a DVD and some chicken, while I took a breather and then frantically cleaned the house for twenty minutes, thinking that the drunken group’s threat to hold the after party at our house might eventuate. Not that I should give a shit but obviously I’m more house proud than I thought.

Hub gets home at 4pm and declares he is not going drinking but that Russian Porn collection man is and we should turn off our door bell because no doubt he would try and come here. He then rang hub and did indeed try to either persuade him to come out, and when that failed OFFERED to come here. Hub said he had the shits. End of conversation.

SOOOOOOOO, come half seven (when my English class is meant to start) I’ve had a couple of chuhais, the kids are in bed, and the doorbell has been turned off.

I wake up this morning and think fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I had English last night. And after the huuha of the mum saying she got one of her parents to agree to dropping the girl off and the back and forward of messages we had during the week – I felt terrible. I thought they must have arrived, seen the light off in the English classroom, tried the doorbell, which of course didn’t go, and then decided not to bother me. Gaaahhhhhh.

I didn’t ring her straight away because she does night shift and I thought she might sleep morning through to the afternoon. I vowed to ring her this evening.

Which I didn’t do because I took all three kids to the doctors for the annual flu jab and it was, as you can imagine, a really fun outing. I had to go past the shops on the way home to follow through with the ‘bribing’ that had gone down, and to replenish my wine supply.

After putting Ryu and Marina to bed I notice I have had a call on my phone from the mother. I ring her back all ready to apologise and shit and SHE apologizes TO ME – because last night she was at work and her daughter was sick and went to sleep and her useless parents didn’t wake her up and/or make her contact me. I almost laughed I was that relieved. Praise the lord.

So I didn’t need to explain that I had out right completely forgotten  about the class and the door bell was turned off in case the Russian-porn specialist builder from down the road tried to turn up drunk on our doorstep…




5 Responses to “Lucky!”

  1. Kym November 11, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

    Ha ha!
    I wonder if everyone’s going to come out and confess forgetting students now. I did it with the last private lesson I was supposed to teach too. It was sunny, typhoon was supposed to come later in the week. After dropping off my 5 year old I thought I should take my 2 year old on an outing, as we’d be stuck indoors for days after. So, we got on a train, I uploaded a photo of my daughter at the train station to facebook, as you (only I?!) do, then I got a message from my student “Where are you going? I’m in front of your door.” Arrrrrrgghhhh.
    Your excuse was much better! 😀

  2. Deb November 12, 2013 at 6:06 am #

    Haha! Nothing says “Happy Wedding” like Russian porn!

  3. Corinne November 12, 2013 at 8:03 am #

    haha that was lucky! I’ve never forgotten but it’s my worst fear, Sunday night teaching is crap though, I just can’t get into teacher mode on Sundays!

  4. Polly November 12, 2013 at 12:09 pm #

    That is SUPER lucky. Love it when that kind of thing happens!!
    Also this is completely unrelated but would like to say that ever since you posted about how you clean the shower/bath whilst having a shower, this has seemed like the most obvious and best way to do it!! Can’t believe I never thought it before, haha.

  5. inesusan November 13, 2013 at 9:40 am #

    lucky you 😉

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