Need to get back into it.

23 Dec

This whole stopping FB regime has basically meant I spend less time on the computer full stop. It’s a good thing but the blogging lags so appologies.

Had the European Stylist staying all of last week. She is on a plane back to her homeland, boy, and awaiting festives festivities as we speak. Was absolutely fabulous having her to stay. Bar the ARASHI concert (separate post), we just hung at home, she helped with my three English parties, we had ladies lunches and caught up on the last three years.

Which is a silly thing to say really as social media and the online community mean we keep up with shit all the time and are just talking about shit we all ready know when we catch up in real life. Its kinda sad. Imagine in the old days – when people who hadn’t seen each other in person for three years ACTUALLY didn’t know what was going on with the other person. Man. EPIC catchups right there. Kinda want to ditch all my FB friends just so I can have EPIC catch ups later 🙂

The latest news around here is that as of 4.34pm, we have NO WATER. Our house has its own well, 100 ft deep. Solar Panal Man’s company put it in – cause they are originally a well and water works company. He came round tonight and tried, but it was getting dark and he didn’t know if it was the computer part of the well or the pully part of the well. Today is the Emporor’s birthday so a public holiday.

FORTUNATLEY, Japan doesn’t holiday on Christmas. In fact by the 25th Christmas is over for most Japanese people. They have fried chicken and cake on the 24th -followed by prezzies for a lot of them. Today I took Shou ad Marina to a ‘Christmas candle decoration making’ thing at the town hall. The teacher said she hoped we would put them on our ‘Christmas table’ tomorrow night (24th).

Thats just how it is here. Christmas is a school day, a work day, a kinder day…

and therefore a great opportunity to get the REAL Christmas dinner ready without kids in face. Wahooo.

If, we have water…..



2 Responses to “Need to get back into it.”

  1. Debra December 23, 2013 at 6:22 pm #

    No water seems pretty awful. I’m impressed at how chipper you sound! It is nonstop Christmas frenzy here, Christmas is really the only day now where pretty much everything in my area shuts down. Happy Holidays to you and your family, nab the husband under the mistletoe and get merry !

  2. Susie December 26, 2013 at 3:56 pm #

    I ditched my fb a long ways back…. just to find out hubs has converted his fb into a couple one. Joey N Susie Eichel….. -_- I don’t much like it. It’s cute that he feels we can “share” a fb but to be honest there are friends I have that he can’t stand and some of his friends are down right shite! I suppose I can’t control what goes on the internet, much like he can’t control my rants on my blog. So I guess we are even, aside from friends asking why I have a fb again.

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