2: Secrets and Silliness

2 Feb

After a lazy start – and one of those yummy yummy just-as-good-as-a-bought-one coffees you make in one of those nespresso (??) machines (which I now want to replace my ten year old paper filter coffee machine) – my friend drove me to the outlet stores to meet up with two more uni friends who had flown up. Huurah.  I have the bestest friends.

After about ten minutes browing the shops I realized I should have brought the bigger suitcase. God damn it. I didn’t make many purchases for self but the kiddy clothes outlet shops got a bit pummeled and would you beleive I even managed to get a friggin skateboard in one – with cool blue wheels. Is in fact so cool that Shou refuses to take the plastic off OR take it outside.

Headed back to the apartment and toasted our old selves with bubbles and a fabulous spread of cheese and dips. For the whole day they had been mentioning that one of their brothers was turning up and had been invited out for dinner with us. I hadn’t met this brother but had heard he actually lived in Auckland so it was all a very plausible story. They did a great job. They truly did. I like to think I’m quite in tune to people planning and plotting shit but damn it I had no idea. No idea that the brother wasn’t coming.

As ‘the brother’ was coming up to the apartment room I was none the wiser that it was in fact other friend from same old Kyoto university days. Flying all the way up from the South Island. I have fabulous friends. Just in case I haven’t mentioned that before :p We had a few vinos and then went out for dinner – where the real brother did in fact turn up. We then apparently went on to a club – where I vaguely remember some smoke machine and nobody on the dance floor but us (it was Wednesday night). And there was this huge glass wall and my friend dared me to find my way round to the other side and do a big blow fish ( and yes, I still think that kind of behavior is really funny). The other side had ice and shit and was part of the ‘ice bar’ or similarly named club. I ‘think’ I tried for quite a while and may or may not have paid the thirty dollars to get into the other side. I have very little recollection of walking home but did, according to reports, proceed to keep drinking for another hour out on the porch. My washing was done when I woke up in the morning so I must have done that – or a fabulous friend did it.

Good times.

God, its only five past ten and I am knackered!  Hub spent the day getting our new car looked at – makes sloshing water sounds after it rains. We have a shop car for a week – a car that doesn’t need a key to start. It’s all a bit frightening! And tomorrow we are back to normal gaijinwife days. A LOT of translating work on the horizon 😦 Will be piled under but hopefully still get these travel posts out.

nighty night folks



3 Responses to “2: Secrets and Silliness”

  1. Polly February 4, 2014 at 11:15 am #

    yay so glad youre back! thought you might have given up on us again! lol. looking forward to hearing the rest of your stories 😀

  2. Tash kun February 5, 2014 at 7:59 am #

    We rock!

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