Sevens Line Up

5 Feb

I will get back to fabulous-travels-sans-children-but-not-sans-lots-of-wine tales later.

First I feel the need to impart to you all the fabulous game of ‘sevens line up’ I had with hub last night. I have no idea if this is the real English name. It is a card game, called 七並べ (shichi narabe).

We have been on a bit of a card charge lately. It started with UNO which the whole family can now play, except it’s not that much of a fun experience as Marina is a complete sore loser and Ryu can’t hold all his cards in his small hand so has to either hide them under the table or just line them up in front of him. I hate that. So, despite the fact it’s being done by my four-year old, I tend to shy away from the UNO antics, choosing to put my hand up when ばばぬき (old maid) or sevens line up gets mentioned.

Like a lot of card games, playing with three or four players is preferable over just playing with two.

Last night Shou had soccer and when he got home I suggested cards. He said no – due to fact hub had whipped both our asses the previous night. I don’t mind losing – it just fires me up to want to win, especially when it’s hub. He would be absolutely crap at poker. He can’t contain himself when he has a good hand.  And then, if he’s winning, he’ll do shit like say ‘well, I guess I could help you out’, and ‘shit, I’ve got such a good hand that this is the worst thing I can do….’ kind of bollocks.

Makes me want to  pull his testicles off with a Miso measure scooper thingy (sorry, just saw one on FB and am wondering if my life will actually be better off if I just went ahead and purchased one from the 100 yen shop – as am sure they have them and don’t need to line amazon’s pockets with exuberant prices)

Shou, however… well he’s seven and while he does understand the rules of the game, he can’t yet picture three moves ahead kind of thing. Anyhoo, I finally wore my 7-year-old down and he agreed to be the third hand in mum and dad’s play off. We played for about half an hour but Shou hadn’t won so hub and I orchestrated a hand for him and called it a night. Until Shou went to bed five minutes later and we decided to give it a go with just the two of us.

We had both had a beer with dinner but there was nothing left in the house so we decided to crack open the home-made plum wine. The wine that I had initially made in June last year. It’s not real wine. There’s no squashing shit in bare feet. All it involves is pouring some ‘white liquor’ into a jar of green plums – I put in some honey and a cinnamon stick as well. By about October it was ‘drinkable’ and it somehow (don’t ask me, I don’t remember any of it) disappeared over the course of a month. Well half of it did. So I went and bought another 2 lt carton of white liquor. The man sold it to me for half price because it was a year past its used by date. We just laughed it off. I mean it’s alcohol after all. That shit never goes off does it?

In hindsight, yes, I shouldn’t have even purchased it. But I did, and thus the story unfolds…

We had two glasses, on ice, each and got shit faced. Actually, we weren’t that drunk to be honest. But the results were painful.

We ended up placing sexual favor wages on our game of ‘sevens line up’. Hub was of course waging blow jobs – or was I waging blow jobs? which way does it work exactly. Hmmmm. Anyway, I kept fuckin losing. Three times in a row. Which led to a bath and some sexual favor repayments. Hopefully he’s forgotten I owe him a few more…

Well, after he vomited and we both woke up feeling like Miley Cyrus was smashing a wrecking ball into our heads… Fuck, I bet he still remembers though. But god damn it, we DID. NOT have enough of that plum wine to result in vomiting and heinous hang overs.

Can liquor go off?

Come on people. I’m grasping at straws here.

Regardless, I’ve blamed it on the plum wine being off, and have thus poured it all down the sink.

Hub was not in a good state this morning. I have never seen him that bad despite having seen him with hangovers after drinking four times what we would have had last night. He mailed a couple of times with shit like ‘evil fuckin plum wine’, and ‘finally, I’ve just had lunch and am starting to feel OK-ish’…

And I can’t even blame it on the ‘man-hangover’ cause I was feeling just as shite.

Move travel stories tomorrow – on to day 3 – Hairy Flights, Highlanders and Hen’s Nights.



3 Responses to “Sevens Line Up”

  1. Heda504 February 5, 2014 at 12:31 pm #

    Well could be worse. You’re both OK now and sounds like it was fun before the hangover started.

  2. Adam W February 5, 2014 at 6:11 pm #

    I think the alcohol percentage goes up year after year?

  3. matchaproblem February 7, 2014 at 5:26 pm #

    Dude, this happened to me! Ex? boyfriend (long story) basically has been hoarding alcohol for 10 years in his closet. It’s a gift, says he, and he doesn’t want to waste it on the wrong moment. So it sits and sits, and, well, he had the same theory about it never going bad. One night I really wanted a drink, and talked him into opening a bottle of liquor with a whole pear floating in it (kinda like a body part preserved in alcohol…ew…)

    The fucked-uppedness was epic. I was so ill. And hungover. And the worst part was, I couldn’t drink alcohol of any sort without having a bad reaction for about 6 months after. (Still not sure if it was connected or pavlovian or what….)

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