Day of PTA

6 Mar

That’s it. I officially declare today a ‘get-nothing-done-but PTA-day’. Here the primary school makes their PTA days on the same days as the kinder next door because a lot of families need to go to both and therefore working parents only need to take one day off work. Kinder all morning. School all afternoon. In fact the after school club meeting is still going!!

I told the kinder I couldn’t make it in for the road safety HOUR before the PTA meeting, which was starting at half ten.  I got a bit of translation done this morning but had a ‘graduation message’ I had to write for Marina and had to practice my PTA head greeting – which I only found out about yesterday. I got to the kinder at 10:15, about a minute before Marina and my name got called out to go get our ‘thank you for following the road rules and participating in all the road safety events this year’ certificate. Ahem. Bloody good timing that was!

The PTA meeting was fine. I don’t particularly like getting up in front of 25 adults and doing a greeting but shit happens. Has to be done. At least I had some warning I guess. Went out for a quick lunch with friend who had been at PTA meeting too. A gal has to eat after all. Got home, did 50 minutes of work and then headed out again to the primary school.

I missed half the lesson observation but had warned Shou I probably wouldn’t make it.  I foolishly, foolishly thought it was ‘just another’ observation day of a single lesson. Turns out that the last observation lesson of each year is a round-up of everything – including songs, a contents which gets read out, skipping, math, a story etc etc. Because HTB was sick and Shou would be the only one doing a rehearsed lesson without anyone watching the school nurse was there and just after I got there the school PTA head and the principal both joined us and it was well, really quite festive with everyone clapping and singing Shou’s praises.

The individual year meeting with the teacher was just me and the teacher for the first half an hour and then HTB’s mum made it for the last ten minutes or so.  From an academic side the boys are very well-balanced. Shou is better at math, HTB is better at Japanese. The teacher has been getting the walking school bus kids together once a week and they seem to be doing better at walking together nicely. Phew.

I have been made 2nd grade rep and treasurer for the local kids club. Not much to do at all I don’t think and if there is well hopefully its all in the second term when I wont be here. Time to get the kids into the bath. Think I’ve had too much Japanese today to get any good translation in tonight. Twice as much tomorrow I guess.



2 Responses to “Day of PTA”

  1. Debra March 7, 2014 at 12:57 pm #

    You are a great Mom to be so involved in the school! I have Parent Info Night next week for incoming 7th graders in the fall. Yikes. I wonder if they’ll talk about drugs and drinking or if it will be all about algebra.

    • gaijinwife March 9, 2014 at 6:18 am #

      Thanks Debra. I think when the school is so small families really have no choice but to do more shit!! Good luck with the info night. BET they talk about iPhones and the like. Algebra… god, I don’t think I remember a single thing.

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