Snippets of conversation

28 Mar

Broadcasting live from my new Mac… guess working like a dog for the last two months paid off then 🙂

Snippet 1:

  • Marina: I’m going to marry daddy.
  • Mummy: you can’t marry someone in your own family unless you’re from some commune in a corn field in Texas or something.
  • Marina: you married someone in your family. That sucks. Why can you marry daddy and I can’t?
  • Mummy: Daddy and I didn’t used to be family.
  • Marina: Like when you were a baby?
  • Mummy: (contemplating) hmm, yes. I guess so. I didn’t know daddy until I was an adult.
  • Marina: you mean after I was a baby?
  • Mummy: (contemplating) hmmm, no. I knew daddy before you were born and before Shou was born. We met, fell in love and got married.
  • Marina: Like Rapunzel?
  • Mummy: kind of darling. Minus the fry pan and kilometer long hair. Who do you want to marry instead?
  • Marina: Rin-kun.
  • Mummy: good choice darling. Do you want some dinner now?

Note: ‘marry’ used to be the term used for shagging – as in ‘look at those two tanuki on the side of the road. They are getting married’ (said by Shou). This term is no longer used for shagging.

Snippet 2:

  • Granny K: (trying to open kitchen side door – which I swear was only put in so she could pass daikon and cucumbers to me after first trying the handle and scaring the shit out of me when I’m standing right there)
  • Gaijinwife: hold on (unlocks door expecting bunch of vegetables)
  • Granny K: (hands in an antler – as in thing that used to be attached to head of deer)
  • Gaijinwife: what the … ?
  • Granny K: must be an ‘omiyage’ left by the deer that ate all my spinach.

It must have been a big deer, that probably can’t just survive on spinach alone and quite possible might consume small children. There is now a one antler-ed (??) deer running round these fair hills.  I told the kids Granny K had found something in the vege patch. What did they think it was? Ryu got excited and thought it might be the super hero belt he’s been asking for. Marina guessed the worlds biggest diamond and Shou guessed ‘another’ Japanese  daikon in the shape of a woman’s legs and bum. They were very excited at the deer antler.

Snippet 3:

  • Kinder teacher: how are the plans for NZ coming along?
  • Gaijinwife: good. Just need to get 5 new passports, fill in some enrollment forms and buy a car and we are all sorted.
  • Kinder teacher: the other teachers and I are amazed that you are going to another country for that long. Its just amazing.
  • Gaijinwife: well, I guess if it was China or Brazil or somewhere other than my home town I’d be a bit more amazed too.

The principal at Shou’s school told me yesterday that he ‘thinks’  Shou and Marina will be marked as attending school here while we are there (scratches head).  He wanted to know how long the school holidays were – I said two weeks – and he said he thought those days would be counted as absent days – despite the fact that they don’t get the two month Japanese summer holiday and will be at school in NZ then. Not quite sure how it is all being worked out but just glad I’m not having to butt heads with anyone about it anymore.

Snippet 4:

  • Hub: why don’t you just fuck off for a year or two if you want.
  • Gaijinwife: ….. (I’ve learnt that where as in English ‘stop being such a prick’ would suffice, it doesn’t came out the same in Japanese and being quiet is best. This does not mean I let him talk to me like this all the time. It does mean however that I have learnt what arguments are worth arguing and what ones need to be addressed after initial outburst. Besides, if this prick slash cuntiness continues we will bloody stay  back in NZ for a year or two. Twat.

A lot has been going on lately. The major translations are over and just back to normal work hours and trying to find the time to clean and re-stain the deck and similar. Shou has finished first grade, got a good report, only made HTB cry once yesterday and is overall growing up. HTB has a tendency to say shit like ‘Shou kicked me and bullied me’ – two seconds before the teacher comes over and says NO, that isn’t right. Don’t worry, Shou didn’t do that. They were both playing a game they both agreed on and Shou got sick of it and left and HTB is packing a hissy fit. Stop crying boy. Must admit though that these incidents are fewer and farther between. I think HTB is finally  figuring out the whole ‘try and work with other people’ kind of thing. Tis very important part of life. Don’t want my kids turning into sheep but damn, adaptability is a great skill.

Marina graduated from kindergarten last week. Was a lovely, if not very pomperous Japanese type, ceremony. She starts school on April 11.


Ryu starts ‘finish at 2pm’ kinder from April – after a two-week Spring vacay, during which all kids will be at home. Might set them to work painting the deck.  He has started getting a bit of an attitude over how much time he spends on games – which lead to hub saying the i-pad and DS were now banned in front of him and if he saw them he would throw them in the river, which really goes against his other rants of taking care of your own stuff. All technology has since been locked in the filing cabinet for the duration. At least until the kids have spent the week playing outside in the mud, making huts, building Lego towns, baking cookies and the likes.


I didn’t even ask him to do the ‘duck lips’

Right, time to clean and prepare for incoming translation, and figure out what to wear to PTA dinner tonight to farewell the teachers leaving the school. The one teacher I hoped my kids wouldn’t have as their teacher this year is leaving – wahooo. Only to make room for an incoming teacher whom I like only slightly more. Sigh. It’s hard not to have an opinion when it comes to who you want teaching your children 🙂

I will not become a monster parent, I will not become a monster parent, I will not become a monster parent…

The power of positive thought.



10 Responses to “Snippets of conversation”

  1. Jo Villa March 28, 2014 at 2:27 am #

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. littlebelgianwriter March 28, 2014 at 8:29 am #

    I guess kids, mothers in law, teachers and husbands say the darndest things 😀

  3. Ruth March 28, 2014 at 3:38 pm #

    If I could wear Marina’s outfit to work I would, with Ryu’s cape too!!

    • gaijinwife March 29, 2014 at 10:50 am #

      Pretty much all came from the European Stylist anyway 🙂 so am sure you could replicate in adult sizes.

  4. Debra March 28, 2014 at 4:34 pm #

    what fabulously beautiful children ! And how nice to know that they have their very own deer antler… (I hope you will keep blogging in NZ?)

    • gaijinwife March 29, 2014 at 10:49 am #

      Thank you Debra. They LOVE the anlter. I hope to keep blogging from NZ – jsut as soon as I have worked out the vodafone usb sticks or whatever I need!

  5. Adam W March 29, 2014 at 2:52 am #

    You always sound so busy. Wonderwoman! Also, I’m always blown away by beaches that have no waves. Like, in that beach photo it looks like a bloody lake. Maybe California is just weird like that.

    • gaijinwife March 29, 2014 at 10:48 am #

      Adam, adam, adam. Its a Japanese beach my son. waves must not rock the boat until its is of national agreement. We are also well protected by the island of Shikoku and a big peninsular. Please tell me your studies are going well and you’ve found a fabulous boyfriend.

  6. Susan March 30, 2014 at 3:19 pm #

    So glad to see you back. And your children are just beautiful. I always had a hard time with my kids getting teachers who wouldn’t have been my choice … I think it’s what happens when you live in a small community, with a small school, and know waaaaay too much about everyone. In other words – everyone comes with some kind of baggage!

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