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Real Dance Moms

29 Apr

Wow, I think I had my first true ‘Dance Moms’ moment today. I felt myself getting all hot in the face and had to actually leave the room and walk down the hall a few times I was that fucked off. Stupid cow. FFS. You are now going to get a (long) recap of silly bollocky dance bollocks.

We have a recital in a week. There was one dance that they were ‘supposedly’ doing but that had only been half choreographed by Saturday class. The little girls like Marina are only on for about 2 minutes and so she knew half of the routine. It isn’t hard. They wear overalls and jump around a bit for Christ sake.

On Sunday was CATS – which the dance teacher extremely strongly urged us all to buy tickets for in December. I’m not particularly a go-and-spend-two-hours-watching-a-musical type of person but bought Marina and I tickets as otherwise obviously all ounces of dance ‘heart’ would be leaked out of Marina and I would go to my grave forever regretting not letting her go and see fuckin CATS (but actually musical itself was quite good although still not entirely sure how it came about being made into a musical in the first place)

Fukuoka is three hours away so I decided (in January) to make it into a girl’s weekend and booked a hotel for the two of us. A nice hotel, so decided to miss ONE dance lesson the day before and head up for a spot of shopping and enjoy nice bath in hotel room etcetera.

In February we get told about the recital next week.

Last week we get told we have to pay 6,000 yen for a white tank top and denim overalls for the half-finished dance choreographed by the daughter (bit younger than me) – the daughter who has for the last three weeks been sick and not coming and therefore not choreographing her fuckin dance.

Oh, we also need white shoes, which I plan on buying over the Fukuoka weekend.

Get to dance today – Tuesday, not even a bloody dance day but have an extra lesson. Get overalls and promptly write name on them. Then have to give the daughter teacher HERSELF 180 yen for a bloody white ribbon for the same dance.

As the girls are getting dressed to start and Marina is in her overalls and shoes the daughter teacher comes over and sits down next to Marina and tells her that she will not be in the dance because she choreographed the rest of it on Saturday and Marina didn’t come so she can’t do the dance.

She says not to worry though, as she can learn it for the recital in August – which we wont be here for obviously. I start to take the ‘just right fit’ overalls off and tell Marina (in that way where really you are telling an adult something through your child way) that it was a shame mummy just spent 6,000 yen on these isn’t it. The mother beside me was the one that ordered the overalls and the one I expressed my concern that the dance would even happen in the first place as only half choreographed (at time ordered clothes) and therefore Marina wouldn’t need these expensive bloody overalls until next year which would mean should order next size up.

She quickly said (cause she could see I was fucking mad) she would change them with the other girl who wasn’t in it this time (cause she had only started dance two weeks ago) and then Marina would have the next size up. I am thankful for that at least. It isn’t the mum’s fault in any way shape or form and I shouldn’t have even got grumpy at her.

Then, five minutes later during the hip hop dance the teacher praises Marina for remembering it so fast and asks her daughter if she could do this other bloody dance because she could probably remember the next minute in three lessons – as really is only more jumping and arm waving the same as the first minute. The daughter says no, she missed one class, she isn’t in the dance.

This is HER, punishing ME for choosing to go to Fukuoka early for the bloody fucking musical we were made to buy tickets for.

I am WILD with rage. I had to leave pretty much straight away to cool down. Bet they go home and say haha, that’ll teach Katy for not having adequate level of dance ‘kokoro’ (heart).

Am actually typing this in the dance hall as sensei goes off at the older girls for not being able to pirouette properly.

Am buying wine on way home and may well just skull straight from the bottle. Fortunately Marina is keen to quit. Guess she can use the white shoes for hip hop (fortunately bought VANS and not pissy white sneakers). She can have a career in hip hop.

Sorry for silly ballet rant but damn I hate adults that use children to punish another adult. And then fuckin praise Marina for being so good at remembering choreography but don’t let her even try. Way to confuse a girl.

End rant.

Edit – the head teacher made one last attempt to convince her daughter Marina should be allowed to dance, but to no avail. Her daughter’s response – I know she could learn it in time, that isn’t the point.

Poor Marina. Getting told she ‘could’ dance it but isn’t allowed because her mum took her to Fukuoka a day early to see a musical her dance teacher told her she had to go to!!

Then, as class ends and the girls are standing on point in line waiting for the teacher to say ‘the end’ – the teacher says again how much of a shame it is Marina can’t dance and isn’t she lucky she got to spend a night in nice hotel.

Upon telling hub about the affairs of the evening he said he could understand where they are coming from. I said I could too but there is a normal adult way of doing things and there is a stupid fucking dumb mean way of doing things.

Edit part II

I got home, had a chuhai and emailed the head teacher to apologize for angry ass ‘otsukaresama’ (with death eyes included) as shouldn’t really be angry at her as she tried to get Marina the dance and her daughter was just being a bitch.

My email: Sorry for being rude to you after class when I said goodbye. You wanted Marina to do the dance and I shouldn’t have been angry at you. I saw Marina, AFTER we had bought everything, after she had changed into everything and just as she was about to dance, get told she wouldn’t be dancing, look sad, and I got angry. I think I should have been told sooner. It was my choice to go to Fukuoka a day early and I know that choosing that over dance wasn’t good but Marina had nothing to do with it. Telling girls this kind of thing just as they are about to go on for a dress rehersal might be R-sensei’s (her daughter’s) way but it surprised me. Sorry for such a long email. I’ll be fine tomorrow. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Her reply: We both regret how we handled things. I’m sorry we didn’t tell you sooner. We should have told you sooner. I apologize. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Good night.

Hub is kind of in shock that I can get that worked up over bloody dance. Fortunately he does agree with me on the way things should be handled. Lucky for him because if he didn’t our ten-year anniversary tomorrow would be fun for nothing :p

Would have to down that bottle of Moet on own as cursing gods of ballet bollocks and agreeing husbands 😉


PS – another girl was absent on Saturday and will not be dancing said dance either – although am pretty sure this is teacher’s way of punishing her mum for bringing daughter to class the previous Wednesday when clearly still sick – and which ended in her vomiting all over the back of Marina and dance being cancelled five minutes after it started. Feel even more sorry for her. End of class was ‘so thats the end of class. Really is a shame H-chan and Marina can’t dance. H-chan was sick and missed class and Marina stayed in a nice hotel”

Fuck, I’m still really pissed off!!

Hub thinks the daughter teacher will turn round and actually tell Marina she is dancing it today – its Wednesday. Dance day. On the way home from the ‘tokubetsu (special) lesson’ last night Marina said it wasn’t very special was it. Hope she says that to the teacher tonight :p



Just shit in general

23 Apr

Have suddenly been swamped (in a good way, keep your hands off) by translation work and have a very busy schedule of soccer duties, teacher visits (all three teachers coming one after the other tomorrow between 3 and 4 thirty), English, ‘compulsory’ voluntary trip to see CATS musical, piano buying, usual house shite yaddah yaddah.

The musical is this weekend and Marina and I are making a girls weekend of it and staying in a plush hotel and apparently buying ‘battle spirit’ game cards – the highlight for her. I’m kind of looking more forward to the nice hotel and catch up with girlfriends but still, if spending 100 yen on some cards appeases the girl I’m all for it! We were ‘strongly urged’ slash shamed into buying musical tickets. I ‘could’ have booked train tickets to leave after Saturday dance practice but then we wouldn’t arrive at the hotel until 8pm! which is a fuckin waste of a 2pm checkin now isn’t it!

The hotel has been booked since before we found out about the in-two-weeks recital anyway so sensei will just have to ‘handle the jandal’ – deal with it. A great kiwi saying….. or do you wombats say it too? I should probably tell her though. Like soon. Perhaps just as soon as I’ve stopped fuming over that expensive pair of ‘dance’ overalls I have to buy despite fact that ‘that’ dance teacher only just got out of hospital today and really even if ‘she’ can choreograph the rest of the dance in two weeks, I doubt the little girls can pick it up in time for it to be recital polished ready. It’s not the fuckin Abby Lee Dance Company after all.

Speaking of dance… tonight’s class – which I took Marina to but which a friend’s mum was bringing her home from because I had to rush back to the soccer meeting about blue and gold t-shirts and buying a team ‘tent’ and shite – a girl threw up twice, conveniently all over Marina’s tights and leotard. Fortunately Marina had her hip hop trousers in her bag and didn’t have to come home in the purple tutu. The room was evacuated, the girls made to wait outside wearing masks while the teachers scrubbed the place down, dance was cancelled and Marina was sent home with  her ‘infected’ (a chunder and shits bug is doing the rounds) clothes wrapped in newspaper, in a plastic bag, in a paper bag.  I think. I haven’t actually investigated as need to wash separately and surely it makes more sense for infectious stuffs to spend a night outside thinking about whether they want to mess with me or not.  They are on the back step.

In other news HTB boy had a meltdown at after school care yesterday and told one of the helper ladies to ‘die’ – which promptly caused an hour long discussion waiting for him to apologize, with his mum getting more and more cross and in the end it all coming to a stand still when they asked him why and he said that he gets told to ‘die’ – by whom?

My son.

FFS. Shou gets in a lot of trouble for saying it at home and he knows why its bad etc. But I do sometimes let it slip when he is playing the DS and is directing a ‘die sucker’ comment at ghost dressed like a half zebra cat with purple hooves and a horn, and whose main power is to keep his ‘keeper’ sleeping in and late for school. Or similar. I can’t ‘quite’ remember the ins and outs. HTB has just this past two weeks been bought a game with the same game. They talk about which ‘spirits’ they have taken down etc and, as 7 year old boys do, I expect there is a bit of hey die man, no you die, no you die ya turd kind of light banter back and forth between them. Lord knows the next year level still say shit like that.

Its just that HTB can give the shit but he can’t take it. He also hasn’t figured out that that kind of banter amongst friends does not mean its ok to direct it at an adult. and for the love of god son. I know apologizing is hard for a lot of kids but an hour???

I found out about this on the way back from school walking with HTB’s mum back to the cars. HTB asked her to tell Shou’s mum that Shou had to stop saying that to him. So she was just informing me…

In my head I was screaming FUUUUUUUCK WOMAN, I like you but for fucks sake your son is not without blame.

six hours later at English (Marina was home getting ready for dance and came outside for a minute while we were in the middle of backyard ‘snap’ kind of card game) HTB says to Marina, who said the name of a card in Japanese to help them, ‘korrrrrraaaaa, omae, shine’ – which is basically the same as saying ‘fuck off and die’.

And it wasn’t said in a funny haha kidding voice and he looked at me straight after saying it – knowing quite well that he’d get a bollocking from ‘sensei’.

OMG, and my bad mouthed potty son who ‘makes’ you do everything wasn’t even there.

Fuck I just want to tell his mum that really he should just go to the school in town….

Bring on New Zealand!!!

3 months and counting. Am also now taking home Junior High School student I teach English to – for a month.



A Drinking Thing

18 Apr

In Japan ‘drinking things’ are widely considered an extension of work and quite possibly some of the country’s most important decisions have been made by some sake squilling red faced fifty year old Japanese man with a  necktie tied around his forehead.

I doubt I am the first gaijinwife to find the whole ‘obligation’ paired with these ‘drinking things’ to be a  complete fuckin pain in the ass and actually a bit of a bloody joke. In fact I doubt I am the first wife full stop, although I am sure Japanese wives have a bit more tolerance at some level, what with growing up seeing their mother’s take it all on board – As an extension of work, they trump every family obligation. As an extension of work, they are highly important and one must not just assume that having a nice meal and getting pissed is at any level to be put in a category other than ‘hard work’.  As an extension of work, the fact that the wife is at home with a baby on her tit, one crapping his pants and one vomiting from some mystery bug, means nothing. Work is work. One must work or the entire nation will come to a stand still.

And if possible if the wife can some how walk on water and part the red seas by piling aforementioned children into car to go and pick pissed husband up from his very hard and tiring ‘drinking thing’, that would be great. Actually no. It’s not great. It’s expected.

My kids are a bit bigger now of course and none of them are currently sucking at my tits, crapping their pants or vomiting but at one stage they were, and its not like men get a ‘get of ‘drinking thing’ free’ card when small children are at home and wife is ragged from sleep deprivation and having aforementioned tits drained 24 seven.

Hub had a ‘drinking thing’ on Wednesday – my busiest day of the week. I will admit that, compared to the old days,  hub asks me less to pick him up. This could quite possibly be because its a fuckin pain in the ass with kids and driving an hour round trip to pick up the pissed husband and quite possibly a pissed co-worker who needs me to stop the car while they vomit into a rice paddy, loses its appeal very very quickly. Hub has had to get his ear chewed off about it a lot.

He was supposedly getting a ride back on Wednesday. I had English until 5 and Marina’s dance starting in the next town over at 5:45. The way the stars align is very important for the 15 minutes between 5pm and 5:15pm. I need to have finished English, gotten in the car, driven to pick the kids up from after school care, piled them in the car, gotten home, got Marina into her ballet gear and out the door with a rice ball on a plate for her to eat on route.

M-chan’s mum asked if I could take M-chan too. Really feeling the pressure of not being late for dance I decided just to take Shou and Ryu with me (what with hub not being home and Granny K not being a fan of looking after two kids over the dinner and bath time) and drive straight from school to dance. Marina got changed in the toilets and we arrived at 5:43.

After dropping the girls off I notice a missed call/s and message/s from hub. I had been driving four children all squealing and laughing about poo at obscene decibels after all.

I ring him back – his ride has fallen through and could I hang around until 8 and pick him up. Dance finishes at 7:20 so its 40 minutes pissing round with nothing to do.  But, I agree as really any other option would involve 100 dollars and a taxi.

Shou and Ryu and I go and have dinner (during which Shou fills up his glass with every possible drink in the kids drink filler thing – which I had given him permission to as long as he drank the what would inevitably be a brown concoction that might well taste bloody foul), drop some DVDs off, do a spot of shopping and then head back to pick Marina up from dance.

At 8pm (because I like punctuality) we arrive at the conference facility where hub is working (read as nice Japanese restaurant with lovely food and free beer), and I message him. He messages back saying wait ten minutes please.

The kids are tired. It’s Ryu and Marina’s bedtime, Shou hasn’t done his homework and I’m knackered after a busy day and just want to get home.

So I send ALL THREE kids in to get him.

They kept getting sent out with messages for me and finally, at 8:20 a gaggle of red face men exit the facility. I know half of them from yester year working at the town office. One guy (very high up now), comes over and says that hub is just finishing up his ‘work’ – he actually has the cheek to use the word (work). I very nearly tell him I have wine chilling so I can go home and ‘work’ too.

I am aware that the dinner may have been preceded by a short ‘meeting’ of sorts, and that following that, work talk may have happened whilst eating crisp tempura, delicate sashimi, wagyu, and ‘kampai’-ing copious small cup fulls of sake.

Hub gets in the car and says ‘don’t say anything, just drive away, I am so embarrassed’.

All this work he’s done has quite obviously left him pissed and not wanting to start a fight with the kids in the car I say

“I will apologize for sending the kids in to get you. I didn’t know what kind of ‘drinking thing’ it was and didn’t realize you would be in such distinguished company. However (said in that tone that is supposed to be an automatic signal to husbands that the wife is about to impart words of wisdom that should never be ignored), don’t get fucky at me when you ‘asked me’ to pick you up at 8, I said yes but that I had all the kids so no later, and you said OK. A thank you would suffice”

His response was something slurred along the lines of ‘I know its because you’re a gaijin and all, but why can’t you be a little more sympathetic when all these things are work things’.

I refrained from opening his door and doing a u-turn specifically so I could push him out into oncoming traffic.

I fuckin hate people that don’t do things when they say. I would never be able to live on island time, it would drive me insane.  What I hate even more is being told that I don’t understand something because I’m foreign. I do understand it. Quite well in fact.

But understanding and tolerating are two different things. Now the kids are older I don’t go spastic every time, but I still don’t think the kids routines on a school night should get shafted because hub can’t excuse himself from the fucking ‘meeting’ before his superiors.

Bloody sort it out Japan.

End rant.




Soaked, to the bone.

13 Apr

Today was pretty uneventful blogwise but in the name of trying to keep up the regular thing…

It was my turn for soccer duty – which basically means loading boys in the car, singing along to English songs while they all laugh at me, telling them to settle the fuck down at least twice, stoping for one who thinks he might throw up all over the back of the head of the girl in front of him (one girl in the team), arriving at destination, putting up team tent, setting up everything else, keeping the whole team in line until the coach graces us with his presence, cheering loudly in English from the sidelines just to provide entertainment for the opposing team, wondering in dismay why my son has such an unhealthy approach to actually participating, and then going home.

The added special joy about today was that it was lashing rain. Soccer must go on. It is only cancelled if we are lucky enough to have lightening. Which we weren’t today.

Fortunately however, the fact that one of the boys in my car felt sick and I had to go real slow for like fuckin ages, meant we arrived after the tent setting upping. Yay.

I also had Marina with me.

Hub had election duties all day and Granny K said yes to looking after Ryu, and Ryu alone. So Marina got stuck wearing my oversized rain coat and kicking soccer balls around with me. She was surprisingly very well behaved.

All the boys were freezing, teeth chattering cold. Shou even got sent back to the tent for the last half of their last game. Bloody waste of space standing on the field with your arms up your t-shirt watching as the ball go by.

We got home and got straight into the bath. Bliss. Reminded me of yester year when we would round round the house in the rain and then run into the bath, repeat fifteen times or until mum just went ballistic at the water on the floor.

I then tried, half successfully, to convince the children that a DVD they have watched ten thousand times was a goer – while mummy finished horrible rancid bastard  translation, during which I just wanted to yell ‘why do you fuckers have to write this shit’ and ‘please get me a drink’….

Anyhoo, finished the fucker.

Will give it a final read over tomorrow before Ryu’s Kinder entrance ceremony and then just charge the university for it out my ass. It annoys me that these projects are so obviously harder and yet the pay is the same. But one must not complain cause my contract went up this year and must spend time facing east and praying and thanking lords of higher education institutions for great pay.  When something easy comes along, that I can do in fifteen minutes in between hanging out the washing and doing the dishes, I sometimes just shake my head in wonderment that people pay for this!!

But yes, I’m fabulous. So I guess you are paying for that too 🙂

After translation I then proceeded to read 37 pieces of paper that I should have read last week – in preparation for Ryu’s ceremony tomorrow and Marina’s first real day of school. I think I filled out 7 forms in Japanese, two questionnaires, wrote names on remaining pencils, packed bags, and….

now I am having a chuahi and about to upload my brain with some ENGLISH streaming online.


PS, this is me being regular.




De. Ja. Vu.

11 Apr

Yesterday I finished English at 5:30 and went to pick Shou and Marina up from the after school care. Marina didn’t officially start school until today but you pay for the after school care by the month so they all started this week. Thursday is a soccer day so I’m pumped to the wire to get shit organized and Shou at soccer at a time that isn’t too much past the 6pm start.

I drive down the driveway bit to school and see HTB crouched in the hedges. The rest of the kids are all down the other end of the field playing dodge ball with the teacher supervisor ladies. It’s too far for me to shout so instead I wind down the window and say hello to HTB boy and ask if he’d be so kind as to run down and tell Shou and Marina to get their shit together. He says hello, and yes. He is not crying or anything. He is fine. Minus the crouching in the middle of the hedge like a private detective bit.

I park the car, go around the school building to the after school care room entrance and get Shou and Marina. HTB isn’t there but the whole pick up is very uneventful. Nobody said boo about anything.

We get back to the car – at the same time as HTB’s mum drives in. I see her get out and start up a small jog back down the drive. The kids get in the car, make it click, we put on Buffalo Soldier, and are driving down the drive back to the road when we see HTB in the middle of an oscar winning performance.

I didn’t know this at the time but I do now. He was quite upset. The supervisor lady was crouched down talking to him, another two kids were there, one of whom is a PITA shit. Not usually mind you, but he has a thing about dictating his control over the younger kids and I have seen him stand behind HTB and Shou after a fight and both of whom were crying, and slamming their heads down screaming, ayamare, ayamare (apologize). Yesterday he poked his arm in the window, pointed at Shou and yelled in very loud yakuza style, the equivalent of ‘you’ll be in bloody trouble tomorrow boy.’

I ask whats happened as by now its evident Shou was involved. The supervisor lady tells me she’ll talk to me tomorrow and it might just be best for me to keep on driving. So I do.

I turn Bob Marley off, much to Marina’s disappointment as she was just about to get her groove on to the ‘wayaya waya ya ya bit.  I ask Shou to tell me what happened. He spins his own oscar attempt with some elaborate story that he repeated three times before I said, sensei will tell me exactly what happened tomorrow and mummy will be very upset if what she says is different to what you just said.

‘Sorry Mum. I spat water in HTB’s face, Marina told me to’

For. the. love. of. bloody. god.

I am very glad they both ended up telling me the truth. I’m not entirely sure what happened to prompt this, if anything.  I email the supervisor lady, tell her that Shou has told me what happened but if anything else happened can she let me know.

We get home and Shou is sent up to his room and made to do his homework on his own and eat dinner up there. Hub comes home amidst all this and ends up taking Shou to HTB’s house to apologize. He asked why I wasn’t coming and I said I didn’t think a bit of water in the face warranted both parents. Besides, I went last time. We also didn’t know what happened beforehand and I didn’t think going that far was fair tn Shou if HTB did something shitty to prompt it.

They weren’t home yet.

Supervisor rings me and says she spent half an hour talking to HTB’s mum. She said that if Shou had owned up to it then that was the main thing and that surely an apology over the phone would suffice. She said that while it appears that Shou is always the baddy in these situations he isn’t and that HTB can be a right pain in the ass but Shou doesn’t take it on board. Unlike when Shou does something and the whole fuckin world ends. She also said he was absolutely fine until he saw his mum’s car and then he burst into tears and the theatrics started.

Five minutes later I see their car coming down the road so take Shou out to apologize as they go past. Shou’s apology was very good and he gave some of his favorite stickers to HTB – who didn’t utter a word, gave him the ‘eye’ and then threw the stickers into his little sister in the back seat.

His mum said he was playing quite happily while she was talking to the supervisor lady and that it was fine and not to worry.

Still, yet another, what I consider quite a small thing, turning into something huge.

In other news,



I have a first grader. In an AKB inspired outfit passed down to us from a friend whose daughter wore it 7 years ago. It has now officially been worn twice 🙂 Glad to see Japan’s love for girls in school uniforms with short skirts and ribbons remains intact. To celebrate her entrance into primary school we defrosted a pizza for lunch and then I took her back to the after school care program so I can translated and then teach English. Joy Joy.



Trying to get regular again

6 Apr

I am hoping to get back into the blogging swing of things. It seems so many people have stopped entirely. Has blogging turned old school already? Should I be tweeting or twerking or something instead? OK, so I definitely should not be twerking. Quite possibly a health hazard for both self and onlookers if I started that kind of carry on. Although speaking of twirking, although really it has nothing to do with it, the European Stylist now has a pole dancing pole in her living room. I’m well impressed. I bet her boyfriend is too.

I unusually have the house to myself this afternoon – in the name of translation of course. Shou is up at HTB’s house, cause they obviously don’t get enough of each other every day at the Spring vacation holiday club. The other two are off with daddy getting DVD’s.

The Spring vacation has kind of kicked my ass. Shou hasn’t been here but the other two seem to only be able to play nicely together for approximately 17 minutes. I got a  big and rather urgent translation (due Tuesday) mid last week and not being able to sit down and play with the kids and/or bake muffins with them every day is making me grumpy mummy and them grumpy, annoying, bored, children.

I did however bake cookies with Marina on Thursday. She loved it. I thought it was altogether quite painful but I guess the fact she loved it and the end results were yummy should win over my grumpiness at having to send 45 minutes preparing them instead of 8. Such are the joys of cooking with children. If I didn’t have a head full of translations I am sure I would be more excited about spending so much time with them. Might even be able to work out some arts and crafts or something. Although my creative juices are few and far between at the moment, as quite clearly obvious by this robot Ryu asked me to make yesterday…


We have had two weekends of soccer in the rain and howling wind. Not that enjoyable for the boys or the parents I don’t think but now that Shou has stopped hip hop he has to go to everything soccer that he can. He decided that hip hop was just all together too embarrassing because after two months he had yet to conquer the running man. Quite possibly due to fact he would just ass round at the back of the room and the teacher wasn’t overly interested in a) giving him more than a few words of encouragement at the start of the class and then leaving him be or b) getting cross that he was pissing around. I kind of hoped he’d get into it more, especially as he always said he had fun. I’m beginning to think he just wanted to go for the older girls.

The fact that his favorite TV program changed to Friday nights may or not have had something to do with his decision.

So he quit and Marina started. First class last Friday – she LOVED it, and just seeing her face the whole hour was pure joy. I am pretty sure she danced more in that one hour than Shou did in the entire 10 or so classes he went to. The teacher kept going on about how ‘sugoi’ she was and she fed off that and as a result got through the whole routine. We have an upcoming recital for dance and she has subsequently been put into the little people’s hip hop routine – wahoo. Minus the fact I will have to acquire a bright colored pair of overalls and sew sequins and ‘I love Hip Hop’ and random other shit onto it before the performance in four weeks.

She has also started back at the Wednesday dance and has two new dances (for her – she wasn’t in them last year but knows them from watching them so many times) she will be in for the Jazz and classical. Plan on jamming as much dance in as possible between now and going home as I really want her to be in dance mode so she’ll want to take it during our stay in NZ. Unless of course she crashes and burns and decides she’ll chuck it all in and start the ukulele or something.

Other than that she has her school entrance ceremony on Thursday, Ryu has his Kinder one the following Monday, I still can’t get into any sort of healthy eating and exercise regime, Hub unfortunately didn’t get transferred, Granny K keeps asking me if I want some of her big clothes she bought which are too big for her, I still have to name 347 pieces of random school equipment by Thursday and then Monday, nobody liked the sausage rolls I made the other day even thought they were very nom nom, I’ve bought a piano and I want to buy a dog.

Hope all is well.