Soaked, to the bone.

13 Apr

Today was pretty uneventful blogwise but in the name of trying to keep up the regular thing…

It was my turn for soccer duty – which basically means loading boys in the car, singing along to English songs while they all laugh at me, telling them to settle the fuck down at least twice, stoping for one who thinks he might throw up all over the back of the head of the girl in front of him (one girl in the team), arriving at destination, putting up team tent, setting up everything else, keeping the whole team in line until the coach graces us with his presence, cheering loudly in English from the sidelines just to provide entertainment for the opposing team, wondering in dismay why my son has such an unhealthy approach to actually participating, and then going home.

The added special joy about today was that it was lashing rain. Soccer must go on. It is only cancelled if we are lucky enough to have lightening. Which we weren’t today.

Fortunately however, the fact that one of the boys in my car felt sick and I had to go real slow for like fuckin ages, meant we arrived after the tent setting upping. Yay.

I also had Marina with me.

Hub had election duties all day and Granny K said yes to looking after Ryu, and Ryu alone. So Marina got stuck wearing my oversized rain coat and kicking soccer balls around with me. She was surprisingly very well behaved.

All the boys were freezing, teeth chattering cold. Shou even got sent back to the tent for the last half of their last game. Bloody waste of space standing on the field with your arms up your t-shirt watching as the ball go by.

We got home and got straight into the bath. Bliss. Reminded me of yester year when we would round round the house in the rain and then run into the bath, repeat fifteen times or until mum just went ballistic at the water on the floor.

I then tried, half successfully, to convince the children that a DVD they have watched ten thousand times was a goer – while mummy finished horrible rancid bastard  translation, during which I just wanted to yell ‘why do you fuckers have to write this shit’ and ‘please get me a drink’….

Anyhoo, finished the fucker.

Will give it a final read over tomorrow before Ryu’s Kinder entrance ceremony and then just charge the university for it out my ass. It annoys me that these projects are so obviously harder and yet the pay is the same. But one must not complain cause my contract went up this year and must spend time facing east and praying and thanking lords of higher education institutions for great pay.  When something easy comes along, that I can do in fifteen minutes in between hanging out the washing and doing the dishes, I sometimes just shake my head in wonderment that people pay for this!!

But yes, I’m fabulous. So I guess you are paying for that too 🙂

After translation I then proceeded to read 37 pieces of paper that I should have read last week – in preparation for Ryu’s ceremony tomorrow and Marina’s first real day of school. I think I filled out 7 forms in Japanese, two questionnaires, wrote names on remaining pencils, packed bags, and….

now I am having a chuahi and about to upload my brain with some ENGLISH streaming online.


PS, this is me being regular.





4 Responses to “Soaked, to the bone.”

  1. emilycsimpson April 13, 2014 at 7:25 pm #

    I remember at least one occasion alternating between swimming a length of your pool and warming up in the bath, accompanied by lots of giggles. Probably in mid winter. And we got told off. But if you’ve got a bathroom with a door direct to outside, what do you expect?

    We’ve been lucky with our two games of soccer so far – no rain. Might have to remind R that he was one who was so keen on the kids playing soccer and he can take them…

  2. Susan April 14, 2014 at 2:26 am #

    Missed commenting on the last post – Marina looked absolutely adorable in her uniform. Am amazed, as always, at your stamina, organization, patience …. well, all those things that you probably think you could use more of, but believe me, you are an amazing mum! The whole sports in the pouring rain thing is the same here – and that’s because 99% of the time it’s the dads who run the programs. Guess they want to make men our of all the junior athletes – including the girls 🙂

  3. merry April 15, 2014 at 3:00 pm #

    “PS, this is me being regular.”

    This is me being late reading. 😦
    But so appreciated! You sound ridiculously busy a lot.

  4. Debra April 16, 2014 at 12:50 pm #

    I am so impressed you can do translating in the midst of chaos. You should be the star of a gaijin mom super hero comic book ! I bet it would be a huge hit. Something to think about putting together in all of your free time….

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