Since Last Week

30 May

On the work front…

It has unfortunately been a very quiet week, until today. I got two translations today – one was the monthly one I have been getting from the VP of the university which was a relief. He writes a kind of blog and I bloody KNOW I do a good job of it – mainly because its bloggy style (god that sounds terrible) writing and not rubric fuck ass personal preference kinda shit, which I still believe I did well but ya know!

A quiet week has meant I have had time to do the SHRED everyday. After my first two days I couldn’t move  my arms but five days in and my body is adjusting and I am starting to believe that all that pain is indeed just fear leaving my body. Thanks Jillian.


On the dance front…

We had our last Wednesday dance – wahooo wahoooo wahoooo (does Riki Lake arms). Although not completely void of drama. I was talking to the mother of the other girl who is leaving (tomorrow – wahoooooo), in the carpark – YES, we admittedly did talk about the conversation the sensei had with me last Friday (last post) – I mean the sensei did choose to talk to me on purpose in front of five other mums, so it wasn’t a bloody confessional. We weren’t talking through a loudspeaker or anything. Were also talking about the 12cm poisonous centipede that bit Marina’s foot that morning AND whether or not we should buy the two senseis a farewell thank you gift and what to get the other dance girls yaddah yaddah.

The sensei walks out of the center. I have my back to her so don’t see her coming but the other mum says under her breath, sensei, sensei.

We both say hello and she glances in our direction and then proceeds to completely ignore us and keep on going to her car with nada de nada de nothing of a hello whatsoever. In the land of the rising son where people come out the saloon doors bowing and saying ‘konnichiwa’ to every Bob, Jim and Harry (or Tanaka, Honda and Suzuki), this is just plain rudeness.

So we then obviously have to spend another ten minutes chewing the fat about that!!

I imagine she saw us and thought something along the lines of “FFS, after I apologized AGAIN last Friday and even told her I couldn’t sleep and I loved her daughter so much but rah rah bollocks rah rah dance love rah rah Japanese kokoro (heart) and she is STILL talking to other mums, FFS”

And then tonight – hip hop. Whilst the sensei was thinking we were bitching about her on Wednesday we were in fact deciding that I would go and buy two bottles of fav NZ wine and we would give them tonight (as opposed to actual last day of dance which is tomorrow) as quite possibly the big meeting at 4pm tomorrow will involve some more dance kokoro and misunderstanding shite and perhaps a final bollocking – after which I will obviously be not in favor of presenting bottle of wine as thank you gift and more likely to either skull on spot straight from bottle or hit sensei over side of head – which would be waste of fabulously nice bottle of wine of course.

So in order to keep the Japanese ‘Wa’ of harmonious harmony in thank you gift giving we decided tonight was better.

So I got there ten minutes early and we waited for the sensei to arrive. Obviously didn’t want to do a big presentation in front of other mothers (which in reversed situation would have been how sensei did it).

They arrived. We went out to the carpark and gave them the wine and said our ‘osewani narimashita (thanks for everything)’ bits. The daughter teacher seemed perfectly OK and normal but the sensei sensei seemed almost embarrassed – I’m hoping that maybe she realized that perhaps we were discussing THIS when she snubbed us talking the other night. Perhaps we were talking about what to get them as a gift and would they even like it and yaddah yaddah the differences in gift giving between Japan and NZ.

My life does not revolve around you and, unlike you sensei, I will not spend a sleepless nice tossing and turning over what I need to say to you. That shit just flies straight out of my mouth.

No point losing sleep over it.

In other news – my baby turns 5 next week…. gahhhhhhhh.


I don’t think I’m ready for that.

Might need more wine.

And I turn 38 the week after that – on the same day my oldest turns 8.

Feel free to send wine.








One Response to “Since Last Week”

  1. Susan May 31, 2014 at 6:54 pm #

    Happy upcoming birthday. If I were turning 38 I’d be knocking back bottles of wine in celebration. Let’s just leave it at that! My babies (the twins) turn 18 soon – same feeilng you have over your baby turning 5. Time flies, etc. What’s the countdown to NZ now? So glad for your sake that dance is over for now. It’s going to be so much more fun/relaxed/not life-or-death-matter for you when you’re back in NZ. And I would guess for Marina, too.

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