25 Aug

Today I went to pick the kids up and Shou’s teacher walked over with him and asked if I had seen the principal. I said no, I was just in the office paying for a field trip, what happened?

He didn’t have a good day, she said. He got in trouble.

I have all sorts of shite going through my head – none of which were spitting. Spitting is gross, I get that. If you go up to someone and just spit in their face for no reason then yeah, that is kinda unacceptable ya know. But after a bit of bickering and pushing, and with it not even reaching the intended target then meh, I don’t think a trip to the principal’s office is in order.

Call me something. Call me a mother of three children I guess.

The teacher asked me to talk to Shou when I got home – on top of her telling him off, on top of him being sent to the principal’s office, on top of having to sit outside her office for ten minutes, on top of having to then sit outside for a further ten minutes ‘to think about what he had done’…. before he was allowed to eat lunch.

I would have talked to him about it anyway.  Not sure to what degree, especially as when I asked after the girl he spat at the teacher said she was behind me and when I said sorry for the spitting she said nah, she was fine, all good….

It is so hard not to get defensive and all mother bear as a mum but damn I wish I thought of this shit at the time instead of just apologizing for my son’s behavior to the teacher, and in front of my son, and not questioning what happened to prompt the spit. All I can think I am thankful I DID do is give Shou the eye instead of completely giving him a going over in front of the girl who told on him, because if she is the type that exaggerates to get a rise out of people so she can get them in trouble then damn, I hope she feels like her efforts were a tad futile.

Who knows. She could be completely right. Shou could be completely right. They could BOTH be telling exaggerated stories of the truth…

they are 8 after all.

and it was a bit of spit for Christ sake.

Sorry, still don’t see that as ‘going to the principal’ material. Teachers need to man up a bit and do some telling off of their own.

Other than that, thank God its bloody Monday. Weekdays are my savior, during which I think about the ten million ways I am going to entertain the kids over the weekend, for which I follow through on about two, then the weather packs in, the kids don’t listen, everything backfires and I have a meltdown…




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  1. chrysanthemummum August 26, 2014 at 1:37 pm #

    Are you OK? You seem a tad frustrated and upset in this post. Hope the kids settle down at school quickly. It must be quite weird and challenging for them being dropped into an all English environment. Things will get easier. xxx

    • gaijinwife August 26, 2014 at 8:52 pm #

      Thanks G. I’m good – just finding it tough some times with the three of them that having to worry about Shou spitting at people is just too much ya know. He had a good day yesterday though and the at home incentives I now have in place for good behavior seem to be working – and am sorting out a swimming school for them to get them out once a week too! They are pretty settled at school, Ryu especially. I don’t really see Shou’s teacher much so I think I need to make more of an effort with that! Hope you and the kids are going well. xxx

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