Pinch and a punch

31 Aug

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month – I should have taught my kids that this morning. We grew up pinching friends on the first of every month. I don’t think I punched anyone but they may well learn it through the course of the day today at school.

This month I am going to sincerely, honestly, really try hard, as bestest that I can, to blog every day. I know I said that pretty much in the last post, and the one before that, but I mean it this time. Third time’s a charm isn’t it?

We have all started getting a bit home sick and whilst I should be putting on my big girl pants and being the adult around the house this morning we did actually all end up in tears – although I think Ryu’s was from a coughing fit and not because he misses home. I don’t think he could actually care less. Being the youngest and all he has definitely adapted to life here the fastest.

Have been having a bit of a rough time with Shou and some days (Saturdays and Sundays at least) I feel like all I do is yell at the lad. This has culminated with him this morning crawling under Ryu’s bed into his ‘nest’ of pillows and saying he wasn’t coming out because it would just be better if he wasn’t here and really mum would be less angry all the time and Marina and Ryu would play better without him.

Bloody hell, the poor boy, to think he was feeling like that. After a very hard weekend his complete lack of self worth and feeling responsible for my anger just tipped me over and I had a huge howl and we all ended up in a big family hug it out sandwich slash snot fest slash a bit of head butting cause it all just got too much.

I am the proverbial pessimist. My glass is always half empty and in fact so is the bottle of wine (yes, am enjoying some Hawkesbay savs after the end of Dry July – fewer and farther between than before but still I’d like to squash the glasses of wine at home entirely so watch this space – or the space on the other blog)

I need to focus more on the positives and not dwell on the shit, which really in the grand scheme of things isn’t ‘shit’ per say but more kids being kids, ears being painted on, days on end of having myself and me for adult company, lack of mummy friends and probably just a bit of us all feeling like a bit of Japan right now would be nice.

So, on the positives, to catch you up quickly…

  • The English is going well as are the phonics and literacy classes after school on Monday and Wednesday. All three kids can now happily sing mummy’s in the smelly yucky rubbish bin. So definitely progress on that front.
  • School Cross country was on Friday. Ryu and Marina ran the whole way and finished middle of the pack and Shou came top of his class and 3rd overall for the 3rd year boys. I was so excited for him I forgot to get a pic, so Ryu’s will have to suffice…



  • All three kids started swimming school on Friday and all enjoyed it enough for more swimming this Friday. I was so proud watching them and they all understood what the instructor was saying and tried so hard. They will do five weeks of this term and then have a week of intensive training over the holidays in October and then have all of term 4. Hopefully this will be enough to set them in good stead for next summer in Japan.
  • I have been going to my personal trainer three times a week, but have yet to lose much weight as my eating habits remain piss poor and I really need to sort my shit out. Am thinking of cutting out refined flour and sugars and processed foods (as much as can) for a while. I don’t think wine is a processed food is it? Surely that’s just a whole lot of grape stomping so is practically a whole food.
  •  My sister and I had takeaway indian last night and it was delicious – we were originally planning a meal out with my brother in memory of dad, whose birthday it is tomorrow. Hopefully we will still get around to that next week or something but for the meantime, last night’s meal was nom nom.

Other than that… um, we joined the skate park here so Shou and Marina can go and scooter down ramps and practice jumps and other cool stuff. Shou is getting heaps more confident and really am seeing the once or twice weekly trips to Sk8 Zone as kind of an extracurricular activity. Builds confidence, good exercise, great music for mum and Ryu to hang out to and good to get in on the whole skatey culture really – lots to learn I think 🙂

Bloody raining in Napier again – which is really not acceptable for here. Gaahhhhh. I really don’t want another rainy weekend. Me and three kids camped up at home is horr.i.ble.



3 Responses to “Pinch and a punch”

  1. Elly September 1, 2014 at 4:03 am #

    What a lovely photo of Ryu, such a handsome wee boy. But hang on, he was a baby like, yesterday. How is that possible??

    It sounds like it’s all going well in general, I think the occasional group snot-fest is to be expected as part of the experience 🙂 Sounds like your kids are learning loads and loads, these six months will be to their benefit for the rest of their lives so even when it all gets a bit apocalyptic just remember you’re doing a great thing for them 🙂 Hope it gets a bit easier and a bit more enjoyable for you.

    Any updates on how the hub is getting on back home? I hope he has suddenly developed a deep, new-found gratitude and awe of your cooking/food shopping/laundry/household management skills now he has to do it all himself. Okay to be fair he’s probably getting Granny K to cook for him I ‘spose. How are you finding the long-distance spousery stuff?

    • gaijinwife September 1, 2014 at 8:18 am #

      I now Elly, he is growing up so fast it is scary. I keep telling myself that the time here is so important for them and will all be worth and that they (we) won’t remember the occasional complete melt down and snot fest. Hub is doing well. Missing us 🙂 Enough to send a care package today – with the school work for next term that I have to get through with Shou and Marina. He said it cost 10,000 yen to send and seeing as he has never sent anything overseas before it was a shock to his system 🙂

      Last time we were here (3 months) I don’t think Granny K did cook for him every night. I definitely know that in Jan when I came home alone he still did the majority of cooking for him AND the three kids. Laundry I imagine she is doing but.

      As for the spousery stuff… some of it is somewhat substituted by self measures (wink wink nudge nudge), but I miss the companionship the most. The knowing that there is another adult at home or at least on the way home. It is also scary having all the responsibility and of course not being able to just leave it all to hub for twenty minutes while I go and regroup with self so I don’t have a meltdown ya know!! The kids miss daddy but on the good days not so much. It is mainly when mum has been a beeyatch that they want to just pack it in and go home too :p

      On that note, today was a good day 🙂

      • Elly September 1, 2014 at 10:11 am #

        I was sure it was Shou at first, he is so big! Ryu is still a slightly blondish, cheeky cuddly toddler in my outdated imagination.

        Aww bless Mr. GW, sending care packages 😀 Bit shocking that after x number of years married to an NZ wife he’d never actually sent a package overseas! He’s probably slowly realising just how much of everything you were taking care of.
        Self measures are always good eh 😉 but I can imagine adult company is hard to live without for long stretches. I’ve never been the sole person in charge of three young kids so I can’t even imagine the weight of responsibility and the sort of unrelenting aspect… I hope the chunks of weekday me-time while they are at school helps keep you from getting too frazzled. After ganbaruing all through the dry July I don’t think anyone would begrudge you sipping champagne in a bubble bath with a DVD boxset on the occasional afternoon 🙂 Or, y’know, every afternoon. xx

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