Another Day

2 Sep

I hate ‘lunge days’ – well, I hate lunges (and squats for that matter, ooh, ooh and planks) in general. Especially with weights. Meh. Kicks my ass. I always feel good afterwards but during I just want to pack it all in. Fortunately I feel too stink in front of my mum’s friend to not put my best foot forward, so to speak.

Despite the despised lunges however I was looking forward to today. Last night I got my first translation project in 3 weeks. Not big. Due tomorrow morning in fact but still, I had convinced myself that the university was ditching me and were just too chicken shit to say it to my face. The document I was doing today though was of enough importance to convince me that they don’t think I suck monkey nuts and really just were in the middle of a translation lull. Nearly lulled me the fuck to sleep though so am glad its over.

Shou and I had a much better day yesterday and I have decided to stagger the kids bedtimes again to give him and I some ‘just us’ time before bed. Fair game the other two don’t necessarily get this time everyday but to be honest if Shou is in top form and the two of us are getting along then the whole house seems to just run a bit smoother. Mad mummy is less mad, homework mummy is more patient, bathing mother is a bit more fun and games, lego building mum is kinda awesome and well, our little bit of the world is a better place.

I wasn’t staggering the bedtimes when we first got here because all three kids were coming home from school, and being surrounded by English, extremely, really, super, massively, bloody tired. They needed to be in bed at half six. In fact, if they weren’t they were asleep on the couch – unless my niece and her boyfriend were here, in which case they were playing WWF and having a right ole good time.

In other news we are ‘nearly’ at the end of the mammoth mountain of Japanese summer homework we brought with us. It has been a bit of a task, to say the least, and Shou (who is second grade and knows a hundred kanji or so) has resorted to writing a lot of words in hiragana again. But fuck it. Some days I just have to put ‘getting Shou to write every kanji he knows’ in the Too. Fuckin. Hard. Basket.

Besides, next week we need to start Japanese term two kanji and math study which involves screeds and screeds of repetition and other fun shite like that. On a positive note I did tape up a times-table chart to the wall – going with the osmosis theory on that too.



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