Another Rainy Weekend

12 Sep

We have had beautiful weather all week. Why does it have to pack in on the weekend when I then have to think of inventive ways to get the necessary amount of exercise and mad running around in for the kids? Gaah, might just set them onto the cross trainer one at a time. Lord knows I’ll need to get on it a bit too today – what with that big curry I had for lunch yesterday.

The sister and brother and I had been talking about going out for curry for Dad’s birthday a week or so back. It never happened but yesterday we could all do lunch. Unfortunately I couldn’t partake in the late afternoon drinks that followed as I had children to collect from school, scooter parks to take them to, swimming lessons to go to yaddah yaddah.

I would like to think that as far as Friday’s go yesterday was at the top of their kiddy list. They got to order their lunch from school and while they did all want to order a pie and donut they had the choice of ordering that and forgoing the happy meal after swimming, or ordering sushi for lunch and still being allowed the burger and fries for tea.

Yip, the kids can order sushi for lunch. Love that. There was a selection of sandwiches but they all chose the chicken te-maki sushi.

Picked them up from school and we went straight to the scooter slash BMX slash roller blade slash skater park. They are both getting loads better and we managed an hour before having to head to swimming, were they all got certificates for term 3 and Shou got told he moves up a class next term.

Picked up Maccas on the way up to my sister’s, who was already half way through a bootle of wine with my brother. Fortunately it was red so I had nothing to tempt me into squiffing wine with them and getting me and the kids home in a taxi! Also had more translation work awaiting me.

Talking about wine – I had a bottle in my shopping at the supermarket. I was chatting to the lady at the register and she was telling me about her daughter who rocked home at half one in the morning (I had a big shop – she had a lot of time whilst scanning my shit). We were talking about how tiring it all is and I mentioned that I need to get me some energy before picking the kids up in an hour – as in a strong coffee would do kind of energy. She suggested I had a glass of wine as soon as I got home… such is life in NZ I guess. I laughed and the women behind me in the que laughed and said that would be nice.

Needless to say I did not come home and start on the wines before picking the kids up! No, didn’t have a glass until the kids were in bed and I could sit down with some good Friday night comedy on the box.

Marina’s tooth…. went back on Thursday and the antibiotics are working and hopefully it will be coming out on Monday. Marina now has a national health insurance too which was a relief and if the other two need a doctor or dentist then the fact that one of them has a number will mean the other two can get one no problem.  Also means we are in the system for next time too.

On the translation front, work is steady. I have a large, very ambiguous power point due on Monday and have just sent off invoices for August – which had those good few weeks where I had nothing – but for which I was so mental busy at the very start of the month that I invoiced the same as for all of July! Translation is craziness.

The kids have started their Japanese schoolwork for term 2. Very slowly and not very enthusiastically. I still haven’t got their summer homework shite sent off and today we might just have to make bubbles inside, paint a rock, and do some skipping just so we can get the damn thing finished and sent next week.

Right, I need to do some ambiguous power point and think of a plan of attack for the rainy weekend.



2 Responses to “Another Rainy Weekend”

  1. Susan September 14, 2014 at 4:24 am #

    It’s been rainy here, too. We were in NYC today seeing a show (a rare treat) and when we came out it was raining, and what fun it is trying to dodge our way along the sidewalks so crowded that half the time I stepped off onto the street, while holding umbrella high in the air as to not poke someone’s eye out. Glad that the antibiotics are working for Marina – I winced reading of her infection. Three of my kids had baby teeth out and it was easy peasy – they just popped right out, and I do hope Marina’s is the same. Really enjoying reading of your NZ life and glad you’re keeping up the blogging.

    • gaijinwife September 14, 2014 at 7:05 am #

      Thanks Susan. I do hope the tooth comes out easy. I told her about it today and kind of brushed over the whole pulling out and emphasized the bit about the tooth fairy possibly giving more for teeth that weren’t wiggly to start with… I’ll take any angle I can that will make it less traumatic for her! And me of course :p I have said she can have the rest of the day off and it will be mummy time at home, thus hopefully sugar coating (not literally) the whole experience! A show in NYC sounds so far removed from my current life! fabulous.

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