Teeth.. tooth? tooths? untootho?

16 Sep

So I took Marina back to the dentist yesterday. The antibiotics had done most of their job and the tooth could be pulled – but a bit of swelling left in the gum meant she needed two syringes full of anesthetic and not one and ANY mother will know that in such a situation it is the syringe that is almost more traumatic than the pliers-meets-brute strength-meets-screaming …. ….

It was the single most horrible thing I have had to witness as a mother. Coming a close second are Marina getting tubes poked up her bits at five days old – although technically I didn’t witness this as Japanese doctors adhere to a theory of “get the parents out in the waiting room”. I could hear her scream for 20 minutes though and to a hormonal mother who was still in pain herself from having the doctor reconstruct her vagina with however many stitches only five days prior and well yes, it was a horrible day. Then there was Marina waking up from her general anesthetic at one year old. That shit is hard to watch. I imagine it is also hard to go through but watching your kids go through that shit is so hard!

Nearly making the top contenders was the gimp slash inbred fucktard of a nurse who put Shou’s drip in wrong and all the fluid leaked in under his skin until he had elephantitis of the forearm – at 6 months old.

But back to yesterday – my god, the poor girl. It was like I was watching a scene from a movie that involved someone torturing someone by pulling their teeth. It was horrendous. It was a tooth nearer the back – i.e., not one of those tiny little baby teeth near the front that you could almost just wish out by squeezing your eyes shut really tight. No, this bastard needed a whole lot of force. Marina was shaking and screaming and it was all together so traumatic that it needed a lot of pain killers, a strawberry milkshake, a plate of chips, 475 loom bands and $5 from the tooth fairy to make better.

I had the necessary kiddy pain killers at home but the chemist was closer to the dentist so I went in and got more (to give Marina right there and then) and because I am on their cards they know I have just bought the same stuff so they question it and I explained that I had a bloody, dribbly 6 year old in the car who was going to start gaining feeling to her left side of the face again very soon and JUST. GIVE. ME. THE. FUCKIN. DRUGS. WOMAN.

She did, and we had a wee laugh when she suggested I might need to pop into the supermarket next door for wine. LOL – good try. I’d have needed me ten shots of tequila after that day (but I didn’t – my sister came round and we did in fact have wine)

So, about an hour later Marina is feeling a little better. We go to pick the the other two up from school only to find that Shou has, just that second, gone over the handlebars of his friend’s bike and taken a section of skin off his elbow. It isn’t substantial enough to require a doctor’s visit but my first aid kit really only has pain and fever medication, hello kitty bandaids and wine.

So I make my second trip of the day to the pharmacy. The same woman is on the register and I ask her for a spray-on detol-type sterilizer-type kind of shit to spray on wounds. I was hoping for the cool white foam spray you can get in Japan but spray antiseptic Betadine had to suffice. Got home and had more tears as I fixed Shou’s arm up trying to channel my inner Florence Nightingale.

I spent $4 on the McDaddy of all bandaids – it was just one and is quite possibly used for surgical procedures but damn, the boy was running in the regional cross-country today and I didn’t want any dirt migrating into his open wound ya know!

Ryu would like everyone to know that he didn’t require a trip to the pharmacy yesterday. Praise the lord.

Today, in comparison, was a much much better day. Of the 101 top 3rd and 4th year boys in the region Shou came 57 at the cross country. I tried to tell him that considering all the kids were the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters in their respective schools, and the fact that he was a 3rd year running against 4th years and well hey, gallant effort my son. He also overtook the two boys who bet him at the school run so wahoo, win win.

And I was ‘that’ mum this time. Standing on the course about 300m from the finish line I had a tear in my eye as I surveyed the group of boys in the distance, waiting to start and no doubt getting instructions, in English. He is doing so well at school here, they all are, and it brings a tear to my eye because I am predominately not winning at this solo parenting thing.

Tis hard yakka being the one and only decision maker. Seriously, I think one of my nicest moments during the week is when their English teacher is here and I have about 40 minutes where I can pop out. I can pop out during the day of course, while they are at school, but for some reason it is the being able to pop out and leave the house while they are all still there. Makes me feel free it does (for some reason you need to say that in an Irish accent)

But of course I love the times my children are winning. Winning at the English thing, winning at the making friends so well they let you use their prized bike and go flying over the handle bars, winning at braving the dentist chair a lot better than I do, and winning at dealing with a mother who is a complete nuthouse sometimes.




7 Responses to “Teeth.. tooth? tooths? untootho?”

  1. Jo September 16, 2014 at 11:04 am #

    Congratulations on making it through yet another day. I can remember Emily having a tooth pulled and the dentist didn’t believe her that the anesthetic wasn’t working… it took a bit to convince him that her tears were actually from real pain and not just being scared after seeing the pliers!
    Keep enjoying watching their successes. I’m sure there will be lots more before you return to the land of the rice fields and short people.

    • gaijinwife September 16, 2014 at 11:13 pm #

      Fortunately Marina had her eyes closed under the sunglasses they give the little kids to stop the bright light getting in their eyes. She didn’t see the pliers, and whilst the dentist made sure she wasn’t feeling actual pain the pressure she had to apply to get the tooth out was amazing. How are there rice fields and short people doing?

  2. Susan September 16, 2014 at 10:51 pm #

    Yep, I was a single parent for a few years and I remember that feeling all too well. It’s not easy being the one and only in charge. You are living close by your siblings, right, so you have adults to visit with? You’re giving your kids a great opportunity and the time will fly by before you know it.

    • gaijinwife September 16, 2014 at 10:59 pm #

      Yes, I have my sister and brother close by, which is great but you know what its like with family some times! Sometimes I just want my girl friends. I must say that the lack of adult conversation during my normal day and evening means I end up having quite lengthy conversations with people like Ryu’s teacher, the dental assistant and the florist!

  3. Kathryn September 18, 2014 at 11:49 am #

    Wow, just catching up on blogs after being away etc and you are in NZ now? Fantastic though I’m sure it will make for less funny blog stories.

    Damn that dentist thing would be tough. I hate dentists and would be worse than useless because of mentally feeling all the pain.

    • gaijinwife September 18, 2014 at 7:34 pm #

      that’s it isn’t it? Mentally feeling the pain. You can feel the force, not the actual pain, but know exactly whats going on. Owwwwwweeeee. She hasn’t said a thing since though so hopefully it won’t remain a traumatic experience – well, once can live in hope.

  4. Tracy September 19, 2014 at 12:22 am #

    Poor wee Marina, it is horrible seeing the kids in any discomfort. You are doing an awesome job by yourself although I bet you & the kids are missing hubby/Dad and vice versa by now.

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