22 Sep

And here we are! A bloody week has passed. Only one more week of term 3 and that is pretty much kind of officially our half way point. How. did. that. happen?

I know that a week after getting back to Japan I will be kicking myself for not doing things, or following through with that, or spending more time doing things with the kids like English games and phonics worksheets and muffin making and yaddah yaddah, making hedgehog pictures out of Autumn leaves…

But then I think they are, for the most part, enjoying school. Their Monday and Wednesday phonics tutor today said they had great letter retention and were progressing well. Obviously if I had been any kind of decent mother in Japan they would have completed Reading Eggs by the time they were two and asking for books instead of their 3DS.

Swimming is going well so I definitely can tick the winning box for that.

I have had quite a bit of work in and it seems quite a few big projects come in on Thursdays or Fridays with a Monday or Tuesday deadline. I obviously say yes and then struggle over the weekend and what gets hit the most is kiddy time. They end up with too much screen time, in one form or another, and I end up trying to fit 50 page power point translations in. The weather has not been very conducive to bloody much either which is a complete let down as this area is renown for its lovely climate. Bloody bollocksy wind and rain can just about fuck off I think.

Ya know and if it started off raining in the morning and continued all day I could forgive it, almost. But its when it starts out sunny, you do the morning thing with promises of trip to the scooter park in the lovely balmy Spring weather, and then you get a monsoon slash torrential downpour slash where the fuck did that come from and bam, outings to scooter park and normal park,  obliterated.

I could take them to ‘Inflatable World’ but I can’t handle that shit on my own with three kids when I’m still traumatized after falling off a bouncy castle holding Ryu and smashing his head on the concrete, only five minutes after (or five minutes before, I forget) Marina got a hole in the back of her mouth from jumping and sucking a party blower thing at the same time.

Meh, in exciting and fun, fluffy, positive, half glass full news…

Box number two of Japan arrived from hub today – with approximately 48 picked plums for Shou, some dried squid, enough Japanese lollies for a really cool pass the parcel for Marina’s 7th birthday, furikake rice sprinkles for rice (read as easy breakfast or dinner), touch pens for the DSs, ramen, etc etc.

I am grateful for the work that has been coming in. It has been steady the past couple of weeks and I know that when this current stint ends I’ll have a few weeks of nada and freak out but must remind self is just freelance translation cycle of feast or famine.

The boys and I are heading to Oz in a few days for a week of catching up with friend I don’t think have seen for 7 years. Tis very exciting, only dampened slightly by the terrorist state telling their followers to grab and kill anyone in anyway and at anytime – especially people from France and Australia. Awesome. Crazy fuckers. It would almost be comical if it wasn’t so real. It seems like a no-filter following of crazy fuckers.

Have also sorted a trip for me and all three kids down South to catch up with more friends, see mum and dad and well, just have a mini vacay and have a few days off school. Want them to have good memories of down where mum and dad are. Marina and Ryu don’t remember anything, and all Shou remembers is getting twenty bucks for going to bring back the rocket we sent my Granny’s ashes up over Central Otago in (was in sheep paddock three hundred meters away) and then  the last trip down there – shoveling dirt into and out of the grave for NZ granny and granddad’s ashes.

Kinda need to get better memories – although he did LOVE the rocket and the grave digger (or ash box digger slash graveyard maintenance man) said he’d make a fine grave digger one day so he has a happy boy.

Right, think it might be quiet on the kids in bed front.

Time for a glass of wine, a page of work, and perhaps an episode of the Good Wife, which I see has started another series.

Night all






















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  1. Susan October 6, 2014 at 2:43 am #

    Well, it’s been more than a week that has passed this time. Everything OK?

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