Seven, Seven, Seven

30 Oct

Pretty much without fail every time I hear the number 7 I think of a Japanese ultra man song that goes Seven, Seven, Seven…, which in turn leads me to the image of Granny K and the European Stylist’s uncle serenading us with this song when we were all in the car on the way to big long swingy bridge place years ago. It also used to play at one of the local supermarkets – like all the fricken time.

But I digress,

Marina turned 7 ya’ll…. Gaaaahhhhhhhh. I think I started blogging before she was born.

Her actual birthday was during the four day labour weekend so apart from some prezzies and a family dinner out it was pretty quiet. She did however have 4 girls from her class over on Tuesday.  So nice that her birthday was when it was and she had enough time to make friends first and be able to have a party.

Unfortunately we spent the whole four day weekend at home more or less, and the house was a complete pit so I had to spend most of Tuesday cleaning it and blowing up balloons, hiding lollies, wrapping up pass the parcel yaddah yaddah – in between a last minute translation I stupidly said yes too. Marina really wanted me to make her a super duper character cake but I just didn’t have time so got a store bought one and decorated it with store bought decorations. One of her little friends saw it and said:

  • little friend: did you make that cake?
  • Me: no, New World made this cake but I decorated it.
  • little friend: you mean you just stuck flowers on it (walks away)…

Alrighty then. Thanks very much. Later, when we were sitting down eating it declared it absolutely yummy and looked at me and in a small voice said “we can just pretend you made it”….

That and her comments on how small our house was and I think she is lucky that Marina likes her and actually seems to be a nice girl – well, a nice girl minus a filter.

In other news – I haven’t had another day like the day in my last post. In fact, we drove past that store again and the kids laughed as they remembered the free lollies that came out of the gum ball machine they shook to within an inch of its life. haha, that was so much fun aye. They seem to have forgotten that mum completely lost her rag and raged at them all day almost.

Anyhoo, I think we are over that rough patch, although I personally had a shit sandwich of a time for a wile because My uncle got cancer and died and his funeral was on Wednesday – it all happened quite quickly and I didn’t make it down for the funeral which I feel immensely guilty about – although I will be seeing them all in three weeks when we head down to Central Otago to visit mum and dad’s graves and catch up with that side of the family.

Lets hope its plain-ish sailing from here on until daddy comes over in something like 7 weeks!! Bloody hell. And then its home James to Japan and cold and sweet black beans and rice cakes for new years.

I’ll be ready I think.




One Response to “Seven, Seven, Seven”

  1. Jo October 31, 2014 at 1:51 am #

    We will all be waiting for your return! Glad to hear there have been good days lately….. I’m sure there will be many more from here on in!

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