Mini Roadie Part V

8 Dec

Over the weekend I took the kids on our 5th mini roadie – the last for this trip. The thought of going anywhere with three kids on my own used to leave me almost in a sweat, hyperventilating, and in need of wine via intravenous drip. But I think that slowly, but surely, I’m getting the hang of it and learning to lower my expectations about how much I think the kids should be enjoying certain activities that cost lots of money.

It is still hard, especially because Ryu is still too  young and too short to do many things on his own so either I have to tandem up with him or he gets left out. If I have to tandem up with him then it means I can’t keep as good of an eye on the other two – or even help them if they are freaking the fuck out.

Like Marina going down the luge in Rotorua. For the mercy and love of god, it was a painful painful experience, but on the positive side, Shou had a fabulous time and I DID find my wallet so hey, win half win aye!


This is a random man luging with his kid – from the Skyline Rotorua website.

We got there early and even though I knew Marina wasn’t that keen on trying it out on her own luge thing I was encouraging her and trying to bribe her with tutus and bling because I knew that her going or not going would seal the deal as to whether the rest of us could do it. We go up the gondola and off to the luge spot to helmet up and get our beginner’s lesson on how to pull the handle half back to go and full back to break.

Shou rips out of the starting gate and I don’t see him again until we get to the bottom. I have Ryu between my legs and Marina starting to freak out beside me. Mummy, I can’t do it, it’s too hard, maaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaa, paaaaaapaaaaaaaaaaaaa. We are going very slow due to fact that a) is learner’s run and thus practically flat, and b) Marina won’t let go of the break. She is crying and carrying on and it is all just too much. I get up a couple of times and try and show her how to do it and reinforce that she won’t go over the bank because there is a guard there and that she can bump into the back of me and just stay there the whole way down if she likes.

Half way down she completely nuts out and I presume that having her muscles pulling the break back for that long is tiring. Any normal person would have already gotten to the bottom, ridden the chairlift back up and be on their second or third run by now. I try to control both of them at once but tis impossible. She refuses to move another inch so I take her luge and park it up on the bank and tell her she has to run the remaining 1.5km down as I can’t put her on my luge with Ryu.

To her credit she runs the whole way down. She is crying the whole way and we get some funny looks from other riders whizzing past but hey, we make it. And then I realize I haven’t got my phone case – which also has my money card and drivers license in it. It must have fallen out on one of the many times I had to get up to help Marina. So I get cross. I must look pretty fed up because when the chairlift boy says Marina and Shou can’t go up by themselves because they aren’t 135cm I just look at him for a second and he says right kids, up you jump, have a good ride.

We get back to the top and I tell Marina to sit down beside the nice looking man putting harnesses on the Chinese tourists going on the alpine flying fox or whatever it is. I tell her not to move because mummy is just going back down to try and find her phone. I say this loud enough for the harness man to hear, he smiles empathetically in my direction and tells Marina to stay put.

Ryu and I tandem down again and miraculously I spot my black phone case on the side of the track in a pile of dark brown bark. Quite remarkable really but obviously the gods were smiling. Ryu is visibly relieved mummy has her money card back and says quietly that now I’ll be able to get that coffee I wanted.

In my head I was thinking tequila probably more suited to state of mind but a coffee is a good start.

We get back up to the top, during which time Shou has gone down the intermediate track twice and had a blast. Marina has sat motionless. I knew the chances were that she would be fine but I still hate having my children wait where I can’t see them.

We take the gondola down, where I pay $30 to get a photo, post card, key holder, tiny cardboard gondola and online data for our photo – which was taken just after hoping in the gondola for the ride up, before the theatrics started and we were all smiley!!

The rest of the trip was great though 🙂 Went on a great splash ride at Rainbow Springs…


The older kids also Zorbed and had a blast. It was an action packed weekend thats for sure.

And now, well, we are into the final countdown almost. 8 more whole days of school. 9 more sleeps till daddy gets here and only a few weeks till I have to have the house packed up and our lives return to their Japanese ways.




4 Responses to “Mini Roadie Part V”

  1. Ruth December 9, 2014 at 9:12 am #

    Ryu’s comment about the coffee is so cute!

    • gaijinwife December 9, 2014 at 6:34 pm #

      I felt so bad when he said it though. Sometimes I’m like ‘if mummy doesn’t get her coffee in peace all hell will break loose’ and he was probably worried what would happen considering all hell had already broken loose! Poor boy. Nice that the first thing he thought of was my coffee!!

  2. heather December 9, 2014 at 11:44 pm #

    Ryu looks so zen in that pic while poor Marina can’t even open her eyes. That’s a keeper!

    • gaijinwife December 10, 2014 at 1:19 am #

      I kinda thought that zen was more a shitscared look 🙂

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