Happy Reunion

29 Dec

We are back in the land of the rising sun and dried smelly mushrooms now but I am recapping hub’s reunion with the kids. Cause it was kinda special and I want to remember it.

He arrived on the second to last day of school – at about half one. I went to the airport to pick him up and THOUGHT that I had told him the kids would not be there because the whole school was at the local hot pools for the day for an end of year treat. This is just one of the many ‘lost in translation’ moments we have had. It is both frustrating and a bit confusing.

He came through the gate and gave me a hug and then kind of looked around expectantly…. where are the kids? Confused (because I thought I had conveyed this shit already) I said they were at school and we were going together to pick them up in a couple of hours. He was so sad – thought they were waiting to jump out from behind the Budget Rent a Car desk or something.

We got in the car, which he took the piss out of cause it could probably be classified as a ‘classic’ in Japan, and drove home. I was super nervous leading up to picking him up because I wasn’t sure of the long term partner away protocol. Does he grab me and drag me into a room, do I drag him? Do we partake in small talk about the kids…? I had my nice new bra on just in case but was kinda hoping we’d just hang out until school time and then enjoy the bubbles in the evening after the kids were in bed and then ‘make up for lost time’, so to speak.

Which we did.

But, I digress – hub, coming with me to pick the kids up from school….

I got a lot of sideway glances – from the parents I see every day after school but don’t talk to – the ones who might have wondered where dad was. And here he was!! Finally. I think it was in the school newsletter that we were from Japan and all the classes had done a week on different cultures and I had been in to write names in katakana and asked my opinion of the 25 cherry blossom bits of artwork in Marina’s class that I think were made using cotton buds for paint brushes and black ink blown to form branches using a straw. Very cool.

We stood outside Ryu’s classroom – it was 2:50. His teacher saw me, and then hub. She smiled and went to Ryu, who was sitting on the mat, and said (I think) who is outside waiting for you? – Ryu turned round and my god the sun don’t shine that brightly. His teacher said he could go outside and the boy ran, leaped over a few friends, and slammed through that door to daddy. I had tears in my eyes – and when I looked at his teacher again, so did she. Ditto dad. Considering the boy would hide every time we skyped daddy for the first month he sure was happy to see him in real life.

Marina ran to daddy too – but then cried when she saw that Ryu had a few more Christmas candy canes from sensei than she did. She was crying over not having food for the winter. Seriously, the girl was a squirrel in another life. Although actually come to think of it if she was a squirrel she’d have to ‘gaman’ a bit which she wouldn’t be able to. She’d be the squirrel that stole everyone else’s lunch. Every day until spring.

The kids were super excited that night, running to daddy every so often and even going so far as saying mummy sucked and dad was the bomb and  yaddah yaddah – way to make a single mother of five months feel like she’s done a good job….

Confirmed by hub who voiced his concern over the kids lack of manners and respect for authority….

I think I actually should have just left the three of them roam in a field of llamas, pigs and three legged sheep for five months. Save me getting told off (in not so many words) for their heathen gaijin behavior!! And these are just the three animals that come to mind because damn, who ever knew New Zealand had so many llamas? Well, some of them might be alpacas but same ole same ole really isn’t it? And we actually saw a three legged sheep.

BUT, the homecoming was lovely. Their homecoming, and ours. It was fueled with a lot and expectations were high but I think we have come out the other side OK.

Well, this post is about the homecoming anyway. I may have strayed from thinking that since but….




2 Responses to “Happy Reunion”

  1. Debra December 30, 2014 at 12:13 am #

    What a sweet reunion – welcome home !

  2. mightyatom44 January 17, 2015 at 8:23 pm #

    Above and beyound!! Cool yet HOT PYJAMAS! ADELANTE!

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