Happy New Year!

7 Jan

Apart from stopping the wine, losing a gazillion kgs, and being a better mother, blogging more was on my list of New Year’s resolutions. It was, really and truly.

I think the hard thing about resolutions in Japan is that you start the year off by drinking and eating for about three days. You haven’t been scoffing Christmas ham and drinking for a week leading up to the New Year. It starts on the 1st. Hardly a time to start setting resolutions when you have a  plate of food and a sake cup thrust into your hand at breakfast…

And then of course resolutions were, since the beginning of time, always there so we could flag any kind of commitment during the last few months of the year, saying we would start it in the New Year, feel good about ourself for about  7 hours on January 1st (72 hours if you are really really good), and then just fuckin chuck the whole shit in and wait till next year.

We had the eldest son and second eldest son, wife and daughter, grace our presence this New Years. I say ‘grace’ because Granny K goes all fuckin silly and things have to be just so. I get it but damn, hub is the third in line to the coveted head of family throne so (in my opinion) the two elder brothers should come home to the ‘family home’ and spend a couple of days helping us clean shit up in return for us looking after their mother, which, by tradition, is their responsibility.

THEN we should all chill out for a few days and drink sake, give the kids envelopes of money, and consume shiitake mushrooms and seaweed in the shape of ribbons.

Actually, it wasn’t too bad. Only the eldest son stayed the night here – the other brother and his family booked into a Japanese inn. Despite the second eldest brother having lymph something cancer last year – so bad we actually thought he was coming home to say this was his last NY – he was drinking like a trooper, as was his 25 year old daughter who brought out the news that her and her man had booked the Shrine for the wedding already – despite dad’s refusal to accept the boy as his future son-in-law.

LOVE the dramas. Doesn’t make me feel so bad ya know!

Anyhoo, the kids start back at school tomorrow. Wahoooo. They have not completed their 1279 pages of Japanese homework (only slightly exaggerating) and will get a bollocking from their teachers – and I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a phone call, despite writing very apologetic notes in the teacher-parent notebook about my pathetic children and how bad they are and obviously this stems from my bad parenting and please please forgive the entire family, including maybe some ancestors, and would they like some sembei? (Japanese crackers), because that is how bad I feel….


Half a year in NZ has made me realize that in Japan you just have too much to do with the teacher. Well, here we do anyway. Shou and Marina have been at winter kid’s club for the last three days – every day I have picked them up the woman has elaborated on pretty much their entire day – the bad stuff only. AND THEN said but the other kids were pretty much the same so don’t worry. Hey, if it is kids being kids and they aren’t disrespecting their elders or bullying other kids then shut. the. fuck. up some please. Meh.

Welcome back to the land of too much interaction with school.

Hope you all had a fabulous New Year, are sticking to your resolutions better than me, and aiming for a great great great 2015.



One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Susan January 8, 2015 at 2:44 am #

    Resolutions were made to be broken. I just try to be a little better all-around each year. Is that vague & general enough? I was LOL at your description of the notes you wrote to the teachers. Here’s hoping that you all get settled back into the routine of regular life in Japan with a minimum of fuss and aggravation. Happy New Year!

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