Mamma bear and the three …

13 Jan

Marina wasn’t too keen on going to soccer tonight and getting her to do shit in the one hour we had before going was. pain. ful. Well to be honest getting her to eat wasn’t hard. She even ate all her salad while Ryu just refused, even after I said he was getting it for breakfast if he didn’t, and I caught Shou trying to put some grass and leaves (what he calls salad) in his pocket to presumedly flush down the toilet…

But damn the homework. She had a good half an hour – like with no fuss, no rubbing out, no whining, no toilet trips every two minutes so she can ‘have a break’ and sing songs while she pees. But then she starts all of the above and sometimes it can seriously take seven minutes to write one fuckin letter. She had an hour at after school care where all it would appear they actually did was play with dead birds, quite possibly rank with avian flu, and write in permanent marker on their foreheads.

She finally started crying and said she wasn’t going to soccer and wanted to do karate instead. I said that she had chosen soccer so had to do it for at least three months – pretty nice of me I think as with dance I stupidly told her a year! Or perhaps I’d learnt my lesson 🙂

Off she went and when we got there I saw HTB boy and one of the other two boys who had been not overly nice to her the week before. I was going to go up quietly and say “hey bro, mess with my daughter again and I’ll break your fuckin neck”, but I zipped my normal face over my mamma bear face and instead opted to, in an overly loud voice, say “hey, you two, can you guys teach Marina some stuff tonight. I know you’d be really good at that and she was a bit upset after last week. Yoroshiku ne.”

I know, right!!

Patting myself on the back too. What bloody restraint.

Especially as two seconds later, after Marina had come back to me for a hug and kiss, HTB boy ran round like a demented tasmanian devil exclaiming that two girls had just kissed, two girls had just kissed…


This is exactly why I want to be able to go out with coffee Chiemi and my other good friend on the lash – so I can vent about this kind of shit. But when my friend suggested we go out I said, good idea, am well looking forward to the three of us getting together – to which she replied she had already invited HTB boy’s mum 😦 Faaaark.

But I guess if she really is hard of hearing after all I might still get away with a few remarks.

Must remember to zip normal face up before going out.





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