Let’s Influenza

20 Jan

Most years I spend quite a bit of time, lots of tears, once or twice some brute force, and more often than not  at least 10 dollars on treats on the way home, all in the name of getting the flu jab.

And by brute force I mean half cajoling, half pulling 5-year old Shou out from under the doctor’s table and yelling at the the thick doctor to stop waving the fucking syringe around and just hold his arm and inject it all ready!

Adults get one jab, children get two – between two and four weeks apart depending on where you go. We usually get it at the start of December.

So, this winter we didn’t get home until midnight on the day all the local clinics close for the New Year break. By the time we got settled back into life in the land of the rising son, had the eldest brother for New Year and made the kids get through as much homework as possible, it was January the 6th and reports of people with the flu were already out within a 10km radius of here.

I thought it was probably too late so left it. Thought we’d risk it and let fly to the wind (or whatever that saying is) and see how we went. You here everything – people getting the jab and still getting the flu, like twice, in one season. People  not getting the jab and surviving in a house full of people who all got the flu, like twice, in one season.

Then I started getting vestlings telling me I was being irresponsible – well it was mainly just Granny K. So I rang the local hospital and got told that it was hard to tell if the jab would even be effective, what with being in the ‘season’ already. She seriously couldn’t say whether I should do it or not, and at one point even said that there was really good drugs these day for the flu so … ….

So what? I don’t do it and the kids get the flu but it will be OK and we get the drugs and they are temperature free after 37 minutes and running round like idiots for the compulsory five days they have to be home.

Or, we do it, and we somehow miss the flu, even though it’s pretty much knocking at our door already.

Or, we do it, and still get the flu cause we didn’t do it in time and  well, repeat above about good drugs and kids running round.

I rang them last Friday at like 3pm and they said I could get mine and the kid’s first round if we got there by five but that it probably wasn’t a big deal if we didn’t do it.

So I picked the kids up at 4pm – lucky for Shou as he was getting kept back and not allowed home until he could recite his times table up to 9. Saying you are going to get the flu jab though, well that gets you out of anything.

We get to the doctors and Marina loudly announces (cause she can’t not loudly do anything) that we are all ‘going to the doctors to get influenza’ – quite possible actually considering the waiting room is usually a warm haven of coughing vestlings.

Shou says he wants to go first but ‘isn’t prepared’ when the doctor goes to jab it in, squirms away and gallantly pushes his 5 year old brother into the hot seat.

He mans up, cries, gets snot in his long hair, and then is fine. We finish up, pay the 100 dollars it cost for all of us – at least half of which ‘should’ come back – and then drive home past the conbini for treats.

In Japan, well, the doctor, hub and Granny K at least, they say that you shouldn’t have a bath after an injection. So it was early nights for the kids.

And trying to get them to all be agreeable in two weeks time will be harder, but surely they are half vaccinated now?

That said, half the soccer team are away sick and the Junior High had whole year closures for a week and all their brothers and sisters are at our local school so me thinks it is a matter of time.

Tis the season for getting shit done as soon as it arises or else you’ll have three sick kids in succession, possibly followed by a hub who thinks he is on deaths door, and not get anything done.

Off to translate.



3 Responses to “Let’s Influenza”

  1. wildemandavid January 20, 2015 at 3:19 pm #

    This year I didn’t get the flue shot. Last year I had the flue shot yet still got sick. The flue shot is free at the hospital but I couldn’t face the sad/bad feeling of having those germs flowing through my veins! Its a toss of a coin – heads or tails – either way!

    • gaijinwife January 20, 2015 at 10:55 pm #

      I know right! I was OK with missing it this year and seeing how things panned out. The kids are that little bit older now ya know! But I caved into vestling pressure.

      • wildemandavid January 21, 2015 at 3:11 pm #

        Thats a pressure hard to resist. The reason I started to go for the free flu shot in the first place was because of a friend talking about people getting sick and the responsibility we all (should) have and accountability stuff. Crap!

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