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29 Jan

I am meant to be finishing off a translation. It isn’t due until Monday but the flu is knocking on the door and is now in all of the kid’s classrooms. None of them have it yet and I just hope that if/when they do they all get it at the same time as the school has a compulsory five day at home period and I really don’t want kids home for 15 days as it means 15 days I probably have to cancel English, 15 days I can’t faff round drinking coffee and scoffing bonbons while watching back to back re-runs of Project Runway and The Real Housewives of Cheshire, and 3 days of sick kids and 12 days of genki kids who just aren’t allowed back at school slash kinder yet!

So I am trying to ‘not put off until tomorrow what one can do today’. I obviously haven’t gotten off to a very good start as is evident by my drinking coffee and faffing around on the computer – bonbons…. where are the bonbons…?

I have just watched the news and while I don’t usually make a habit of doing Japanese news reports, two things caught my ear this morning..

  • Yesterday on my FB feed a friend posted about a Brazillian family in Japan who took their sick daughter to the ER. The young doctor did tests and then said she was good enough to go home and they could take her to a specialist children’s hospital the following day. It was close to midnight when they took her. The father wanted a letter of introduction for another hospital but the doctor said they had a system that didn’t allow them to give these out during the night shift. If it was an emergency she would have been admitted. The doctor deemed it wasn’t and tried to get them to go home because there were other people in need of more medical attention. I get all this. I get the doctor’s frustration at both the father’s insistence and perhaps somethings that didn’t get translated due to the father’s non fluency in Japanese. That said, I thought the father’s language was good enough to convey what he wanted. He was worried about his daughter and under no circumstances EVER should a doctor tell a patient and their family to ‘fuck off and die‘…. Well, in Japanese it was ‘kuso shine’. What I got from the news segment was that well, the father did take up three hours in the middle of the night and the doctor was frustrated. FFS. It could have been handled so much better. Take the family and sit them down and explain – you don’t need five doctors and nurses standing round. You don’t need the doctors standing there with their hands in their pockets talking as if they are talking to a five year old. He was a scared, worried father trying to get an answer in a language that wasn’t his own. He was doing well. The doctor was a twat.


  • Another segment was about how Japanese teachers are no longer telling kids off like they used to. Teachers no a days are afraid to tell children off in case the parents turn into ‘monster parents’. This fucks me off. If your child misbehaves it is up to the teacher, within reason, to discipline your child. If you don’t want your child being told off for being an asshole then homeschool them. If kids in my English class are naughty and don’t listen after a warning I make them sit in the corridor. This has only happened twice – to the same boy. One day the same class got me yelling at them and refusing to teach them. Yes, I told their parents, yes the next week they behaved. They showed an experiment whereby the got two child actors to be a pain in the ass in the middle of a shopping mall – to see if anyone would tell them off. NOBODY said anything until their male actor went in and told them. He just went over and told them it wasn’t ok to be throwing balls round and being silly buggers in a crowded place. A lot of the people there saw it all going down and when interviewed after said they thought the man was good for telling them off but that because they weren’t their own kids they didn’t want to say anything in case they cried or the parents then told them off. FFS. What is wrong with people!! Wrong is wrong. Turn a bind eye, don’t discipline your child, let them do what they want without consequence and just wait and see what kind of adult they become. Fuck, it seems as if some parents spend too much time worrying about trying to figure out the complex workings of their 8-year olds mind when really the kids need simple direction. I don’t mean beat them, I mean teach them that if they do something that is wrong there will be consequences and not a nice talk with mum over a cup of jasmine tea and a hug.

And you know what, that young doctor in his 20s probably grew up with parents who were only interested in his grades and if he ever said anything bad like ‘kuso babe shine’ (die you old bitch), they would just say ‘hey, that’s not very nice’. Can I just add that we found this exact phrase (with mama at the start) written on Marina’s pencil case a few nights ago. She had just gone to bed so we made her come back downstairs, kneel and scrub that shit off in front of us. God she got in trouble. Yeah, yeah, I then sat down with her and asked her why she did it – minus the Jasmine tea. She couldn’t remember, but with threats of soap in the mouth next time you can guarantee she doesn’t do that again.

Right, both these things really get to me and I better get off here or I’ll start writing in caps lock.




One Response to “On the News”

  1. Susan January 29, 2015 at 10:43 pm #

    It’s the same here – it must be the same all over. Kids get in trouble at school and the parents get mad at the teacher for disciplining their little darlings. No wonder so many of them act like such little smart asses. I have a family member who is so upset over the way her young adult children are talking to her (very disrespectful, complete with cursing). But I can remember them being that way with her when they were much younger, so if you don’t nip it in the bud then, don’t expect any better when they’re grown.

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