Catch up

11 Jun

So, I took Shou to running practice on Saturday morning. I immediately spotted the four-girl group I thought had probably given him grief the week before. They were looking at me and giggling and generally being silly ten year old girls in the presence of a rarely seen ‘gaijin’. I asked him later if I was right about the girl in the thigh-high pink socks and glittery shorts being the ring leader and the one that called him ‘yucky’ for being bi-racial. I mean really, for fucks sack. glittery shorts? thigh-high pink socks? Running workshop!!!

The day’s running was uneventful and the girls didn’t say anything and vice versa, I didn’t kick their ass for being bitches last week. Shou was made anchor for the relay practice -which garnered him some more respect and a few more friends 🙂


On the health check front – I haven’t received my results and the Smear that I was meant to have on Friday had to be postponed until this Friday due to international hemorrhage day arriving that morning. I rang them and told them I was happy to announce that it was international hemorrhage day and should I still drive the 50 minutes and rock up for the Smear or should I leave it for another week. They said I ‘could’ come but there was a high chance I’d have to do the whole fuckin thing again so tomorrow it is. Wahooooo – not.

I am also presuming that not having my results yet means nothing really really serious (like only having a week to live) is off the cards – that or they are too scared to tell me and plan on leaving it until I’m spread legged in THE CHAIR tomorrow with a curtain separating me and the doctor and a cold metal ‘duck’ shoved up the saloon doors.

I will try and NOT drink too much wine tomorrow night at my ‘mummies night out’ and come home and relay the whole duck-up-the-salloon-doors experience for you.

You’re welcome. More than welcome.


On the after-school care front – they are still fucking me off. I go there on Tuesday and Marina was being told off for ‘flinging around an old useless tennis racket’ – that is in the room (for no fuckin reason other than kids wanting to pick the fucker up and fling it around) – and she was kind of dancing with it and a first grader came in and well, hello, usless tennis racket meets first grader’s head.

Now, IMO, Marina is of course wrong in swinging the racket around BUT, the adults in charge, who saw the whole thing, are also responsible. Apparently she was dancing around with it and it was all quite entertaining, even for the adults, until she hit someone in the head – and then when I got there it was all ‘Marina hit this boy in the head with a racket yaddah yaddah.’ I ask a lot of questions and find out the whole story.

I’m so fucked off with this shit that I said to the woman “Did you see her dancing around with this tennis racket INSIDE?” – she said “yes, but but,… .. so I said “but what?” –  to which she replied Marina wasn’t even meant to be there she was meant to be up in her classroom  doing fuckin OVERTIME (tis called I-nokori – when the kids are kept back because they have to re-write whatever of the 6 fuckin pages of homework they messed up from the night before).

Soooo, after school woman. Tis after school. Marina was obviously meant to be up in the classroom but she wasn’t (because her teacher had let her out before the others because she knew I was coming to pick her up), and so what? That means you don’t have to supervise her? I am PAYING you for AFTER SCHOOL CARE. Can I just say that ten other kids are already at ASC and Shou is there too.

Fuckin grow up or piss the fuck off.

I am so sick of adults not carrying out the correct supervision of children. If a child, mine included, is doing something dangerous or wrong or inappropriate then bloody stop them. Take whatever it is away from them. Tell them to sit in a corner for ten minutes and read a book or something. I get learning from consequences and shit but she is SEVEN.


I also had a run-in with Marina’s teacher – on the same day….

The whole class (second and third graders – so Shou and Marina)  were made to stay back after school finished at 3pm. I had told the kids that I would pick them up from after-school care at 3:45 so I would be back home in time for teaching English. Marina told her teacher I was coming early to pick them up so she (the teacher) let Marina and go down to after-school care at 3:10 – Shou too.

The rest of the class is in the classroom re-doing homework and then doing extra handouts until the other kids are ALL finished and they can do a ten second END OF DAY bullshit aisatsu thing together.

I arrive at 3:45 – Shou is ready to leave but Marina is nowhere to be seen so I go upstairs and find her teacher yelling at her for lying about me arriving early. I step in. I said Marina wasn’t lying – I had told her I was coming early (earlier than the 5pm time that everyone else gets picked up from after-school care) and that IF the teacher had already said it was OK to go downstairs, and IF I wasn’t there yet (like I wasn’t) then OF FUCKIN COURSE THE SEVEN YEAR OLD WAS GOING TO PLAY – you fuckin retard have you not learnt anything in the 35 years since you started teaching. The teacher was pissed that she had kept the other kids up to study and had ‘thought’ I had picked Marina up already when in fact she was playing outside as part of after-school care – to which the teacher had said she could go to wait for me.

This isn’t me going off on a rampage – this is time and time again me going to pick the kids up at the scheduled time and the teachers having random overtime homework periods and asking me to ‘come back’ in 40 minutes.

The school has been informed that hub and I don’t think the after school care environment is very safe and that there isn’t enough supervision and thus we will be picking the kids up as soon as I can. There are a couple of days a week when, because I teach English in the afternoons, this is hard and I need the kids to be at after school care for 30 minutes or so.

Marina’s teacher apologised to me for keeping her back (after she had told her off for lying to her) so I just grunted (yes, I think it might have actually have been a grunt) and piled the kids in the car and sped off.

Had I been Japanese then 1) it would have never gotten this far because I would have rearranged my work schedule to fit into the school timetable, b) I would just feel fine that my kids ran wild at after-school care, and c) I would have been on my knees apologizing FIRST for the behavior of my child .

Teachers in this country, like all countries, used to be highly highly respected. Some people still think this way. I think that teachers, like any profession, have to earn respect. If you’re a shit teacher then fuckin do something about it. I’m not going to say yes, and of course, and certainly, just because you have ‘sensei’ in your title. Perhaps I feel his way because I am a ‘sensei’ also and I treat my students a lot differently.

And they love English.

Because they have boundaries.

And because I’m reasonable – you earn what you get. I don’t make all kids stay behind if one kid is late with his homework. I will reward ‘the group’ if the ‘group’ does well.

Meh, I have too much to say on this. As much as I think Marina and Shou’s teacher knows and understands the kids I have a completely different view on her actual teaching. Shou and HTB did so well last year when they had a different teacher for Japanese and Math. Marina has had this teacher for EVERYTHING for two fuckin years. Shou – for two out of three years.

She’s lovely and all but for the love of fuckin god will you not just retire already!!

End random aimless rant.





3 Responses to “Catch up”

  1. Susan (Eastendmom) June 13, 2015 at 3:43 pm #

    This reminds me of my Catholic school years (ages 6-12). The nuns always had that group mentality where if one is punished, all are punished. If one has to stay after, then usually the entire class would be held late. As for teachers who need to retire – I hear you there, too. Our local elementary school has had a huge turnover the past few years whereby many of the dinosaurs finally retired and new, mostly younger, teachers came in with fresh ideas and new ways of doing things. Of course, this is too late for my own kids who are all uni age and above now.

    • mightyatom44 June 13, 2015 at 3:49 pm #

      Probably your Catholic upbring at such a young age ties into the evolution of Portuguese catholic missionary activity in Medieval Japan which may explain this auhoritarian mind-set in today’s Japanese educational systems? Nuns are so different today than then. no?

  2. Polly June 22, 2015 at 11:24 am #

    Aw, I was looking forward to some gaijin-wife style justice dispensed to those horrible girls! poor little shou; i hope it hasnt affected him too badly. but doing well at running will definitely make him cooler, so yay for being made anchor.
    at the end of the day though, kids get made fun of for all kinds of reasons. if not his “gaijin-ness,” there would doubtless be something else… sounds like you had a good talk together and was really happy you went with him. im sure having an awesome mum like you will help him get stronger 🙂

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