First Week of Kiwi School

27 Jul

The first day at school – last Monday – went well, and it was in fact day two that caused a few tears and ‘I’m not going’s. A week in though and all is grand. We definitely haven’t got the fabulous teachers we had last year but Ryu is at least in a class with kids he knows. Shou was put in year 4, with a new teacher this year and kids who weren’t in his class last year 😦

BUT on the upside the class has 11 iPads so… ….

and the new young man teachers is quite hot – so much in fact that I get ‘middle-aged-dowdy-fat-mother’ syndrome, whereby I suddenly can’t speak and I keep trying to suck my self in – like not just my stomach. Try and suck your calfs in. Go on. You end up with stupid knees.

It’s strange realizing how I feel about my weight both here and in Japan. In Japan people are blatantly un-PC (non-PC?) with their comments. Oh Katy, haven’t seen you for ages, you’re look old. OMG your tits are exploding, you need to lose weight, haha, isn’t it amazing you used to run marathons etc etc.

Here I just feel a LOT more self conscious – which is odd, as there are people a lot bigger than me everywhere. Tis probably also because people here use more eye contact than Japanese people do and I get that ‘why is everyone looking at me’ thing. Trust me, it happens in Japan being a foreigner but here it’s like people are ‘actually’ looking at me and I’m just thankful for the nice sunny weather and an excuse to wear big black sunglasses πŸ™‚

But, back to school….

Shou seems to have assimilated better than last time and I have yet to have a phone call saying he was called into the principal’s office. Winning. A lot of the staff and kids and parents remember them and we get a lot of waving and people calling out their names which is nice.

I told both their teachers that 5 weeks is just too short to really worry about any progress in reading and writing and that if, especially for Shou in year 4, there was an exercise that involved a lot of reading out loud to the class or something then perhaps they could get something else instead. They aren’t dragging their feet to school so I presume their days are going OK!

Shou has approximately 150 pages of Japanese summer homework to complete, on top of going to school every day. I’ll have to do a separate post because really the amount of homework Japanese kids get is quite unbelievable. Might need photographic proof. There are basically 6 things (textbooks or booklets of questions, a diary etc) that need to be completed. I told him that if he could get 2 of these 6 completed by Thursday then he and Ryu could have Friday off school.

We are going to Rotorua to meet my sister so I was taking them out of school anyway but ya know, if I can work it so he does more homework then hey, win win.

He did about 15 pages of math problems yesterday because we started having a competition Β – the kind the parent plants the seed, the kid ‘invents’, and then the parent works in whatever way to their advantage. Yeah, that kind.

It was Sunday morning. I had cleaning and washing and shite today so for every ‘chore’ that I had Shou would try and do his two pages of math problems fastest. It was going so well, and I was bloody well losing everything, that when all the chores were finished I said damn it, I still have to have a shower AND get dressed. That sucked another 6 pages up πŸ™‚

Definitely less painful than my memories of getting him and Marina to do their homework last year!





2 Responses to “First Week of Kiwi School”

  1. Tracy Robinson July 28, 2015 at 10:38 am #

    I think it is awesome the kids get to spend time in NZ so they experience both cultures & lifestyles. They get the best of both worlds πŸ™‚

  2. heather July 29, 2015 at 3:02 pm #

    Glad it’s going well and I love your hw smarts. Getting kids to do Japanese hw after a tiring all English day at primary school is rough!

    I spend so much time staring at all the boobs, butts, bra straps and bellies on display in Oz I forget to wonder whether people are staring at me!

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