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28 Oct

I am in the middle of transcribing slash halloween-parties-for-5-year-olds hell week.

Whilst I am pleased, thankful, and soon to be slighter richer for having the transcription job I am not overjoyed at the chosen interview location – a busy cafe with the coffee machine going off every two seconds, coupled with an interviewee with a strong accent and a mumble. The last tape was an interview in a quiet office, so quiet in fact I nearly got to hear everything twice from the echo. Typed my way through that in a few hours. The current one is causing my to strain my ears and pull stupid faces at my computer. OK, and occasionally swear and just shut it off and walk away.

So I’m procrastinating. From that, from the dishes, from the washing, from the deck which needs painting, from the rower which needs to be dusted down and used again, from cleaning behind the fridge, and from cleaning up the hoards of toilet paper used in the mummy-game for my halloween parties yesterday.

My students did do a stellar job though, although yesterday they were slightly older than today’s two classes. The thought of two super genki halloween parties back to back this afternoon is really sapping the genki out of my day already! Another one tomorrow, one more on Friday and then it’s Marina’s birthday party on Saturday and she’s having a, you guessed it, hallowed themed party – only it’s 3 hours long and I’ll need to provide some sort of food and I suppose a cake of sorts. What happened to the days of me taking two full days to make a cake shaped like a jet with fondant icing and a lego Iceman getting into a lego cockpit that opened (starts singing top gun sound track). Enthusiasm, where art thou?

In MAX news – he doesn’t have rabbies but he also doesn’t have an appetite, which is a concern. I can’t get him his rabbies vaccine until he is back to his genki hungry self! I don’t know if he’s just being a bit precious about his new dog food though. I hope not. I don’t need a fussy dog.

Really not much to report on the kid, hub, Granny K front. Everyone plodding along as per usual. It will be nice to get all these parties over with, and the transcription done by Saturday so I can make me something kiwi and stay up late, drink New Zealand wine, and cheer on the ABs to their World Cup win.

Somebody cyber send me some motivation please.