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Fear leaving your body

16 Mar

Fear leaving your body, that’s what Jillian says that knot of pain is as you do a minute of bicycle crunches at the end of workout one on the 30 day SHRED. I think my fingers are the only part of my body not in pain today. I have done this same workout many many times in the past, but never have I felt as run-over-by-a-bus as I did yesterday and today.

Possibly an age thing, possibly a weight thing, or possibly just proof that I did every fucker on that workout right. Pulled my abs in when she told me to, pushed tush out because ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it’ – just like she says.

We are heading into kindergarten graduation ceremony and school entrance ceremony season, not to mention the plethora of end of school and working year meetings, dinners and pissed karaoke sing-offs with the teachers and principal. Seeing as somehow we have arrived at March and my New Year’s resolution fell by the wayside sometime around 2pm on January the 1st, I  decided it really was time to pull finger and do some exercise in the hope of more easily fitting my suit pants and pretty tops.

So I started the SHRED on Monday. I got through the whole thing but definitely a bit more puffing, panting and obscenities spewing forth than the last time I did it. It felt good though and the rest of the day was super productive, including getting Ryu’s final vaccination before starting school – MR, measles and rubella. He was a champ. Had a discussion with the doctor about which arm he preferred – the right because he is left handed and he still wanted to be able to use his chopsticks if his arm hurt. . .

I then had to head to the local community center to set up for our kinder dinner for Ryu’s head teacher. She retires this year and has seen all of my three kids through kinder and on to school so I wanted to organize some kind of thank you dinner. There are only 6 kids in Ryu’s year so it wasn’t a huge thing to organize but still, community center forms, explanations of what to do with the key after hours, phone calls to the restaurant about ordering obentos, letters to parents asking for their participation, taking photos of kids to make a coffee cup to give to teacher, getting kids and parents to write a message for the message card yaddah yaddah fuckin yaddah. Was originally scheduled for February but then the flu showed up and it got postponed. The flu is still hanging around here and there but it looked like everyone was OK for Monday so… all steam ahead!

Siblings were also invited so all in all, 19 people. It went well and I even managed to get the kinder kids to sing a thank you song and each say something to their teary-eyed teacher (pats self on back).

That said, Shou and High Tiger boy were loud rude bastards so I got home feeling like I just needed to lock myself away for a few minutes, or at least an episode of CSI. Hard to do on a Monday as we have a no-screen day enforced – encouraged by the school but enforced by us. Hub stupidly decided that because the kids had to forgo games, iPads and TV then we should have to forgo wine and other select beverages. Crazy fucker.

So I completely ignored everyone and ninja-ed my way into the bath with a chuhai and my computer for some screen-time slash get over the 110% Japanese language and Japanese protocol day.

Then I went to bed.

And then I woke up yesterday morning and was in so much pain that at first I thought my imaginary cancer had spontaneously combusted into all my internal organs and every muscle in my body overnight.

And then I remembered Jillian had SHRED-ed me.

There were a few seconds of slight relief that I wasn’t dying but then recognition that I had to somehow get out of bed – which I must admit had nothing on having to sit down to go to the loo. Bloody mother of god, the pain. The kids thought it was hilarious that mummy had sore everything, including, and if not at the top of her list, her butt cheeks. Those damn squats and lunges.

I spent the whole day yesterday with a continual flow of ‘fear leaving my body’. Every step, every arm lift as I hung out the washing, every step I climbed.

And then I did the fucker again… because well you can’t say you have done the 30 day SHRED if you only do it every second day.

Yesterday afternoon and night was a mix of pain and, oh yeah, pain.

But then this morning I managed to resemble a normal person getting out of bed! Huurah. It still hurt like fuck but it was a pain I was able to mask enough to pretend was fine. I couldn’t do that yesterday. Well I managed well enough in front of other people -like when I went to the supermarket – but had to keep chanting mantra in head

“I pushed three heads out my vagina without medication, I’ve got this”

And now I am just procrastinating for another few minutes before I get onto day 3.

I hope the pain is worth it in the end.




Man Flu

3 Mar

We have been blessed with the man-flu since yesterday morning. Said man had been spluttering and coughing for days but blamed it on hay fever and smoke smog from China. Yesterday morning however, he woke up melting and shivering with a 39°C temperature. I had little time to be sympathetic as I had to do all the morning shit, take the kids to drop off points and kindy and then race home to walk the  dog and do as much housewife shit as I could before leaving at 9:15 for an entire day of kinder and school PTA, followed by back to back English classes.

It was a bit manic so I just banished him to the alter room and kind of threw in a few yoghurts and whatnot. He took himself to the clinic we he tested positive for influenza A, which is what Ryu had. I’m surprised I haven’t been hit yet, but then do think perhaps virus unable to survive in so much wine.

Granny K isn’t too keen on getting it either so the ancestors have been somewhat neglected for the last 48 hours – although she did make an effort to appease them by making hub turn his futon around so his feet weren’t facing the alter – which we ALL know is a definite no no and extremely rude to the gold plated alter and any ancestors that may or may not be wafting around the incensed room.

Despite the kids not being allowed to see him, I have been checking in on him, refilling his water bottle, taking him meals and filling his request this evening for a cup of sake to be bought so he could make himself some tamago-zake before bed. Tamago-zake is basically heating up some sake and then adding egg and maybe a bit of sugar, I’m not sure. Regardless, it is a much snottier and more revolting version of egg-nog that hub swears by when it comes to cold and flu remedies.

He still has to be off work tomorrow but I have a translation in so at least I won’t have to pretend to be busy incase he’s lying there calculating exactly how much of what I do each day! I don’t know if he was but just to be on the safe side I only played Jelly Smash in the car – the oh, five times I had to go out taking Granny K to hinamatsuri at the kinder, picking her up from hinamatsuri at the kinder, taking her to the supermarket, picking up Ryu, picking up Shou and Marina, taking all kids to soccer… …. and in 40 minutes, picking them back up again. And then I don’t have to do any more bloody tripping around the place today. Huu bloody rah.

Will celebrate with wine.