This, that and Idiot Shit

31 May

So Granny K has been in the hospital in the city since last Monday. On Wednesday she had an operation on her knee and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. In NZ they would have made her go home after about three days but here in Japan she gets the full services of doctors, nutritionists, nurses and rehabilitation staff – the young man of which is extremely hot, according to Granny K – although I can verify, that after she awkwardly pointed out the fact in front of both of us, he is indeed probably a nice addition to her boring hospital days 🙂

I went to see her four times last week – bloody four. Not because I had to but because well damn, the woman is in hospital and that sucks and well surely someone has to go when they can. Eldest son found out I was going nearly every second day and has manned up and now pops in most evenings after work – I say pop because it is a half an hour trip for him as opposed to the two-hour drive I have each way. Hub went on the day of the operation but decided he was too hungover on Sunday to go….. so told her he was on soccer duty, which was a fuckin lie because I was on duty and they definitely don’t need both parents on the same pissy duty! Was bloody horrible though as was pissing down and thus had to ferry wet, dirty children back in car and make them get straight into bath at 1pm.

English teaching in my new office is going well and while it does involve A LOT more two-ing and fro-ing between home, the office, school, the office, supermarket, the office … ….. I think it was definitely the right choice. I have two high school students starting this week on a Thursday night which will be fun, as well as another girl in my 8-year-old class – which means I  am pretty much choker block full with my 8 kid maximum per class. Tuesdays and Fridays are nice days as only one class to teach. Thursdays are bat shit crazy, like I’ve said before, but hey, it’s a Thursday so it’s doable. If the bat shit crazy day was on a Tuesday I’d be less inclined to want to live each week.

This post is all over the place, sorry. Just trying to catch up on general ‘stuff’.

I went to pick the kids up from school yesterday and they got in the car and said they got a cookie from the 6th graders from their school trip to Space World and Nagasaki. Not just any cookie though. Apparently three of the 4 sixth graders (the other kid had gone home) got out markers and wrote something on the back of each cookie before handing them out. They were in individual packets so it wasn’t on the actual cookie.

Ryu’s said ‘baka’ (equiviaent of dickhead or idiot)

Shou’s had ‘dou M’ (the dou means ‘very’ and the ‘M’ stands for masochistic from S&M)

Marina’s had nothing but other gems included ‘H’ (perverted), ‘omae baka’ (you’re a dick) etc etc, you get the picture.

Shou asked me what his meant! I mean for Fuck’s Fuckin Fuck’s Sake I should not have to be even contemplating trying to explain S&M to a bloody 9-year-old.

I am pretty sure the kids that wrote them don’t know either but damn.

So, I emailed the After School Care lady as we have been told on numerous occasions that what happens at after school care is not the school’s responsibility. After School Care is a separate organization. I asked her if it was true and got back two very long apologetic emails saying yes, it was, and the kids were just joking around and that she told the other kids not to take it to heart yaddah yaddah, but perhaps it was a bit OTT for school.

Um, ya reckon. Ryu was really upset and while he is a bit precious on occasion he isn’t a complete snowflake. Another first grade girl had ‘baka kuso’ (idiot shit) on hers and looked really confused when she got given it. Shou said he didn’t want his, to which a 6th grader said he’d have to pay him back for it then. Fuckin little shit. Shou and Marina both say they saw the ring leader boss fifth grade girl whispering to the 6th graders as they were writing so I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if she orchestrated the entire thing.

So, because we like to keep After School Care stuff at after school care, hub rang the school this morning and spoke to the VP who was going to talk to the 6th grade home room teacher.

LOL, suck on that you Idiot Shits.

Right, off to see if I can make hardboiled egg Storm Troopers and Chewbacca out of yakisoba noodles for the kid’s dinner.




6 Responses to “This, that and Idiot Shit”

  1. jennifer arthur May 31, 2016 at 4:54 am #

    So proud of all you are undertaking with the new office. Makes me tired just to read. And, You are definitely the saint of the family. I thought that the birth order family honor thing was a big deal there. You ought to be at the top of granny k’s fave list for your selflessness alone. I guess bullying really does happen everywhere. I would want to take the cookies to the parents of those darlings for an explanation. I was beginning to believe (through reading others blogs) that Japan had it all figured out and there was no kid angst at all. (Figured hb was an anomaly) hope copious apologies are made. Rock on with the office. Yay you!


    • gaijinwife May 31, 2016 at 5:07 am #

      Thanks 🙂 Birth order is a very big thing here and I know my SIL(s) appreciate the fact they aren’t on duty but damn, I wish they would do a bit more. The middle SIL – well she’s just as useless as her husband. But hey, I get bread! One of the 6th graders gave a cookie with ‘dickhead’ or similar on it TO HER LITTLE SISTER – so hopefully shit hit the fan at their house last night 🙂

  2. Mr Sekimachihato May 31, 2016 at 11:50 pm #

    Kids that age are all into that baka shit, but douM is a bit much! Doubt they know what it means but like you said, hope shit hits the fan and they get in trouble for it.
    My little one has reciently learnt the word bakayarou (no doubt from his older brother) and is saying it to eveyone he sees, be it at the supermarket, at the park…
    The only funny part about this is he forgets the “ya” and says bakarou…

    • gaijinwife June 1, 2016 at 1:03 am #

      Yeah, the kids say baka a lot but a 6th grader to a 1st grader is too much. They should no better and hentai and douM is way too much!! Apparantly the after school care woman told the 6th graders off. I hope she apologized too though cause she was the adult in charge, knew what was going on and laughed it off. I guess at least the school is so small that shit actually gets done when you request it!! The school in town is going through an extremely drawn out stage of ‘fuck you’ and doing the finger – in English. The kids in my English kids get in a hell of a lot of trouble if they say it but yesterday a kid I don’t know was walking past the English office, looked in, and gave me the bloody middle finger. Little shit. I know they think all the ‘foreign’ stuff is ‘cool’ but jeeze. I might just lie in wait for him today 🙂

      • matchaproblem June 1, 2016 at 3:19 am #

        I can’t stop giggling at that. I had a boss once who cheerily would great me with R-san, F– you! every time I saw him. He played it off like he had nooooo idea what it meant, but he did. He knew damn well 😉

      • Me Sekimachihato June 1, 2016 at 9:17 am #

        The first time my dad meet my FIL and asked him what English do you know he was shocked to say the least when my FIL said “F you”.

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