Short and Sweet

13 Jul

Wow, nearly a month. Shame on me. I guess I’ve been busy but if I’ve got time to complete levels on Jelly Smash (or is it actually Splash?) and even google Pokemon Go to see what all the fuss is about then I guess I’ve got time to get back to the blog!

The 40th wasn’t as much of a bummer as I was expecting. I got lots of goodies from here, there and everywhere and the kids managed to not fight for 13 minutes so whose to say I’m not winning right there.

I am currently sitting in about 80% humidity, aka sweating my tits off, trying to get the motivation to sort dinner before I head off to teach three back to back classes. Out of the corner of my eye I can see two very long spider legs poking out from the deep wooden railing thing near our ceiling -that some Japanese rooms have. They haven’t moved for a while but they are widely distracting. I’m scared that if I try and spray it it will crawl up into the aircon and then I’ll bloody forget and turn it on and this spider the size of an adult male’s hand will come flying out and land on my face, and possibly start devouring it.

The fear is real people.

Irrational, but real.

It is lashing rain and the river in front of

Damn, I just saw a leg twitch. Lucky I took typing at school and spider leg watching and typing blog at 70 WPM tis actually possible.

So, river is raging and if the rain keeps up then pretty soon it will be at the most gushiest and raging have ever seen it. We have heavy rain warnings in place, as well as land slips and lightening ones. Had some fabulous lightening yesterday and a huge, but quite exciting, series of thunder rolls this morning – enough to have all the kids charging into our room at five am. The heavy rain warnings will mean hub has to stay at the town office until they are lifted – which will suck monkey nuts for him as is knackered after long week last week for damn election – but I guess someone has to be on call for when vestlings ring to ask for assistance in sand bagging their front doors.

Shit, got distracted with Granny K coming in the door, home from pottery. Turned my head away for like two seconds and now there are no long black legs on the white wall… Fuck, that’s it. I’m going to have to leave this room. The deep railing goes round the entire room and tis viably possibility that spider is Mcgyvering this way as I type.




One Response to “Short and Sweet”

  1. Susan (Eastendmom) July 13, 2016 at 9:53 pm #

    Since I’ve seen pictures of some of the spiders in Japan (thankfully, pictures only, NOT in person) I’m shuddering right along with you. I really think the rain & dampness brings out all sorts of horrible creatures. We’ve had some terrific storms here lately, too, and the town where I live always gets major flooding with roads blocked off, etc. If I know everyone is safe at home, and none of my kids are out driving in such weather, I really love a good old downpour, complete with thunder and lightning. When my kids were young we all gathered on my bed when it stormed and told scary stories, but nowadays worrying about them driving in awful weather is enough scariness.

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