7 Sep

So I had my dentist appointment last week and it was quite frankly a huge anticlimax. I had gone intending to get whatever the problem was completely fixed but after four injections, what felt like half a swollen face (but which the nurse told me looked normal), the serious nerve was still in horrid pain and not playing nice with the tunnel excavator. The dentist drilled what he could and then re-packed the hole with some kind of nerve killer and sent me on my way with a weeks worth of pain killers and a note to come back this Friday.

So I guess I’ll update again when the root canal palava is finally over.

The kids started back at school last Thursday – praise the fuckin lord. Not that I actually saw them all everyday over the holidays due to the summer program but I had to Japanesey wifey up three obentos every morning and well, there were trips to the doctors and Marina’s skin condition equalling days off the summer program, and of course my own English Summer Programs – which I think were probably not worth the time and effort, but the kids enjoyed it and one girl just told me at today’s class that she had been practicing the Poi (Maori dance with balls on strings – google it) and could now do the move I showed her on the Summer Program. She was so proud of herself and was planning on doing it for their up-coming version of Show and Tell. I guess that in itself makes it worthwhile.

Anyhoo, after two days at school a bloody typhoon comes along and all of sudden every activity over the weekend AND school on Monday is cancelled. Obviously typhoons don’t last for three days but the reporting on this one was extra crap and we at first thought it would arrive on Saturday – hence why my school in the next town over cancelled Saturday’s English classes. Twas a beautiful day. We could have even had the soccer BBQ that was planned but then cancelled – due to aforementioned typhoon. My kids (and hub and I) were all geared up to eat loads of yakiniku meat so we invited High Tiger Boy’s  family over for BBQ at our place!

Sunday’s soccer matches were also cancelled which was actually nice as I was meant to be on car pool duties. Having school cancelled on Monday was a bit stink though as is the only day I don’t teach and I need the time to sort the house out after the weekend, drink coffee, piss round on FB and play Jelly Splash – and newly Piano Tiles!! I’m quite liking it. In fact on the competition round I am, at my best, 84% better than the REST OF THE WORLD. LOL. Well, the other 1200 or so people from around the world who have done it. Tis all good until my eyes start doing weird shit. I tell myself it MUST be good for my brain to be able to react so quickly. Hence, is not game, is action of self improvement…

Right, off to tuck some kids into beds.




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  1. Susan (Eastendmom) September 12, 2016 at 3:05 am #

    Have never heard of Piano Tiles but will be googling it immediately. I love jelly splash, too. We had a very exciting weekend here – became grandparents for the very first time 🙂 And of course she is the most beautiful child ever to be born. Hope all your dental woes have been taken care of. I have had more root canals than I can count – ugh. And 4 out of 5 of my kids had braces and all had to have teeth removed to make enough room. We must be the small palate clan.

    • gaijinwife September 12, 2016 at 4:24 am #

      Congratulations!!! That is fabulous news. Enjoy the new born snuggles. Are they living near by and will you get to continue having loads of granny cuddles? Root pulling part of process is over and heading back in about an hour to get the cap or whatever put on.

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