Dental Saga Continues

13 Sep

Went back to the dentists on Friday – fully expecting, yet again, to have root canal fully finished and over with before walking out the damn door. The roots definitely got canaled the fuck out of though, and are gone for good. All three of them. Even had an x-ray with dye to prove it! The anesthetic was amazing. They jacked up the amount from last week and I felt no pain. The dentist had to conceal his excitement when he finally got the third root though. A very satisfied ‘yosha’ in Japanese when that sucker was clean. Imagine that shit in the old days before anesthetic! You’d have to be completely shit-faced to even get in the dentist’s chair!

After removing the roots they then had to fill them with some sort of shite to stop any infection. I then got a lovely pink coating put on and told to come back in a week…

So, I paid the bill  – a grand total of 1000 yen (roughly 12 NZ dollars) and left – with my wallet still stuffed full of hundred dollar bills cause that’s how much I thought I’d be paying for my pristine white ceramic cap.

My next appointment was yesterday afternoon. Supposed to be morning but I had to take the cat to the vets, which is joyous two hour round drive. Fortunately the vet is fantastic and as prompt as a bullet train so I was only actually in the building for 4 minutes and 53 seconds. Which cost 5000 yen – in comparison to the 1.5 hours I was at the dentists… ….

So I head back to the dentists yesterday and am by now dubious that this might be the last visit. I have heard that in Japan dentists tend to break procedures up into slots and patients end up going back over and over again. Hence this is my fourth trip.

The temporary cap gets taken off, the dentist declares another round of antiseptic in the holes, and then tells me I have three small fillings that need doing on my upper teeth and should he get one over with today? I say yes, get that done and then pay the bill, a mere 1200 yen, and leave with my next appointment penciled in for this Friday!

In other news, we had soccer all weekend, stayed the night in between three games on both days and then had to drive three and a half hours home with two very tired children on Sunday night. Thank god it pissed down on Monday morning and we had an excuse for them to go to school in the car and not walk. In fact I piled almost the entire walking bus group into the car. 6 in our car and the High Tiger Boy and his sister in another.

Right, I’m in need of some English entertainment. My Tuesday three year old class really deals me over. There is one two year old and if her mum brings her she wont let her leave but today her dad brought her and she came running in all smiles. I gestured for the dad to leave because it looked like she was going to be fine. And she was for 25 minutes. And it’s just fuckin exhausting – trying to soothe one child while trying to teach the other six, while trying to wonder what the other two mothers and one father still there are thinking!! Gaaaaahhhhh.

She calmed down at the mention of crayons though so we spent the rest of the class coloring in outlines of their hands.

And I probably needed straight tequila tonight but I’m settling for a lemon chuhai instead.





4 Responses to “Dental Saga Continues”

  1. Susan (Eastendmom) September 14, 2016 at 3:20 am #

    Wow …. the last root canal & porcelain crown I got was $1200.00 US dollars. We have never had dental coverage included in our insurance plan & always have had to pay out the wazoo for major dental work. I hope the next appointment is going to be it for you for awhile now.

    Thank you for the congrats on my granddaughter. My son & his wife live about 45 minutes from here, plus I’m still working full time, so I won’t be able to love on her as much as I’d like to, but I’ll run up there as often as possible.

    Laughing at the straight tequila – loved it back in my younger days! Slug it down, lick the salt, bite the lemon – I think. I don’t even remember what order you do it in. Ah well, it’s not fitting for grannies to do anyway, right?

    • gaijinwife September 16, 2016 at 3:12 am #

      Tequila is horrid stuff. I only write it because it has gotten me completely shitfaced back in the day. God, the hangovers (shudders).

      45 minutes seems and good distance for a grandmother to be from her daughter in law 🙂 That’s 45 minutes further away than Granny K :p Short enough to drive up and visit any day of the week but too far for grandchildren to be inconveniently dropped on your doorstep at no notice 🙂

  2. Anonymous September 16, 2016 at 1:07 am #

    I need to get a root canal but am bloody scared to do it. Good to read about your experience, makes me think I should go ahead and book one while the Uni is on holidays. As for the 3 year old, thinking that the parents were thinking that the gaijin sucka can take the chibi off their hands while the hightail it to a bar before picking her up.

    • gaijinwife September 16, 2016 at 3:15 am #

      The parents are actually lovely and the father was all ready to stay until his wife turned up but his daughter looked so at ease that I quietly shooed him out the door! I would say that the 45 minute lesson is too long for her – she isn’t three yet while the others are 3 and 4. the mention of Play-doh and crayons tend to do the trick 🙂

      Just got back from the dentist again and still no cap on my tooth! They took a mould and will be getting it put on next Friday!! Jeeze.

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