That Translation Hat

5 Nov

I failed in my last post to go into detail about my ‘translation hat’. My translation is all freelance. I have contracts with three different places but workload isn’t specified so it can be very ‘feast or famine’ in terms of how much my translation hat nets me in any particular month. Some months I have nada, some months I make twice what my 50 English students bring in. Fortunately the super super crazy, wanna slit my wrists or drown in 80 proof vodka kind of months are few and far between. This is good, because they are a detriment to family life on every level. Children? I have children? Husband? fark no, that is so far down the list. Sex?


I haven’t had a translation for about 3 weeks so my ‘translation hat’ wasn’t really on my radar when I wrote the last post. About half an hour after I posted however I got a translation that will see us not really have to worry about the festive period. No delving into secret funds or otherwise. I’ll even be able to send my sponsor child a Christmas goodie box AND top up the ‘If-everything-goes-to-shit-and-I-have-to-run-away-with-the-kids-to-NZ-fund’

Of course it means I’ll be as busy as fuck for the next two weeks so fingers crossed nobody in the house gets sick!

Wish me luck.




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