30 Nov

Can you believe it’s bloody December tomorrow? Thought I better get in a post before the silliness of the silly season starts to kick in.

I haven’t been vacant due to ongoing fuckwittage in the States. I still think he’s a big oompalumpa but I have a zillion things going on at home that need more focus. Oh and, for what its worth people in the States should take at look at how South Korea protest. That’s a protest. Wow. They even made up a song and had night vendors selling octopus balls.

Just saying.

So, pretty much 17 minutes after I posted that post on my ‘many hats’ I got a huge translation that snowed me down into translation lunacy for a good two weeks. 24 hours before the last part of it was due I got another one that required half the aforementioned lunacy. It was rather taxing but should put us in good stead for the costs of Christmas and New Year and to get the water tank repaired, which will apparently cost upward of a thousand dollars. Huurah.

The town water supply pipes don’t stretch out this far so everyone here has their own well. Not quite Jack and Jill but it does mean we all need a big water tank system thingy in the ground to clean the used water before it gets pumped to where it gets pumped to. The water straight out of the taps is beautiful and pumped up from 80m towards the middle of the earth. Anyhoo, part of the system thingy is broken and we can’t get it fixed till January due to system thingy company working in the Kumamoto earthquake zone. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get worse before then.

Really haven’t got much else to post. So much more exciting posting everyday when the mundane and trivial can get turned into a post.

Hope you all have a good lead up to the silly season.





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