Gaijinwife Bentos

In Japan there is a whole bento culture, ranging from five-minute-stuff-left-overs-in-the-bento-box right up to the spend-three-hours-cutting-out-dried-seaweed-and-molding-rice-balls-into-fabulous-shapes kind. At kinder the kids need a bento only a couple of times a year – for the picnic outings. I made the mistake of making a cute character bento (called a kyaraben or キャラ弁) those first few times and now they LOVE them. I also enjoy making them eventhough they are very time consuming fiddly fuckers. This page is a gallary of my bentos and if you want to know more about making them you can visit my randomly updated bento page or like my FB page on the right there.

Bentos-Ninja Bentos-Japanese Anime Bentos-Daffodil Bentos-Bad Pig Bentos-Anpanman Betnos-Pig Bentos-Halloween Bentos-Santa 223503_480585892003245_622074599_n Bentos-Princess Obentos-Snoopy Obentos-Nameko Obentos-Mickey Obentos-Christmas Bentos-Yokaiwatch Jibanyan Bentos-Yokaiwatch Bentos-Doraemon


2 Responses to “Gaijinwife Bentos”

  1. Susie December 2, 2013 at 5:03 pm #

    Love the Snoopy!

  2. Nicole February 3, 2016 at 8:34 am #

    You are very clever! Glad sandwiches are the go in NZ 🙂

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